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101 Foot Care Tips for People with Diabetes

Discussion in 'Foot Health Books' started by Admin, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

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    101 Foot Care Tips for People with Diabetes
    "Primarily for people with diabetes and is about the importance of developing complications of the feet being a constant threat"


    101 Foot Care Tips for People with Diabetes
    Editor: Jessie Ahroni​

    101 Footcare Tips For People With Diabetes is primarily for people with diabetes and is about the importance of developing complications of the feet being a constant threat. You will find answers to the most common questions about foot care, including how to prevent and treat minor problems such as calluses, blisters, and fungal infections; and major complications such as ulcers and neuropathy.

    Book review of 101 Footcare Tips for People with Diabetes
    "101 Foot Care Tips For People With Diabetes is an excellent self care guide and reference for diabetics and their caretakers. Questions about exercise, the relevance of blood sugar control, nail clipping, choosing appropriate footwear, what to do about ingrown toenails, and preferred forms of exercise with diabetic foot complications are answered. All questions are succinctly explained with authority. Types 1 and 2 boxes at the top of the page tell if the question refers to both or either types of diabetes. Amusing illustrations lighten the tone and pique interest. Chapter 11 lists additional resources valuable to the diabetic. 101 Foot Care Tips For People With Diabetes is a good manual for any diabetic. Its brisk, no-nonsense explanations of complex interrelationships of diet, exercise, skin care and health management are presented in unavoidably clear lay terms."

    Comments from a reader of 101 Foot Care Tips for People with Diabetes
    "As a healthcare professional who lectures on foot health, I found this book to be concise and to the point. The potential effects from lack of proper foot care are not soft peddled. The steps to take for preventive foot care are written and organized in an easy-to-digest manner.With managed care taking it's toll on the time allotted for doctor visits, our patients need to become better informed. "101 Footcare Tips" will help diabetics and their families know when to seek urgent treatment for what may seem to be a minor foot problem, hopefully, before infection and possible amputation become a real threat."

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  2. arushi

    arushi New Member

    Thanks admin for this. This is just what my mum needed.
  3. fortiskolkata

    fortiskolkata New Member

    nowadays most of them are not considering their foot,concentrating only on face
    really that's a very useful bunch of tips for those who are in a need of foot care
  4. Antaistry86

    Antaistry86 New Member

    I keep my feet clean and dry, my toenails trimmed and the calluses filed off. I also use a lotion on my feet to keep them from getting so dry so that they don't crack or chap. I check them regularly to make sure there's no cuts or open sores. If there are, I immediately go to my Podiatrist. I wear Birkenstocks more than I wear any other brand of shoes and I try really hard not to go barefoot although that's the really tough one for me.
  5. Sole Searcher

    Sole Searcher New Member

    Go barefoot as much as you can! It's actually good for you as long as you're not in some dingy public place. But at home or on green grass at a nice park, it's healthy.

    I've never been diagnosed with diabetes, but I seem to have similar foot ailments that I have to treat daily just to maintain. A few fungal toenails and dry, peeling soles require daily attention. I'm trying to cure things not only externally, but internally as well. I'm going to research this 101 Foot Care Tips further.

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