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15 weeks of heel pain + Topaz + PRP

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by the_wolf, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. the_wolf

    the_wolf New Member

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    Here's my story. It starts with plantar fasciitis (morning foot pain). I was having it very badly every morning.

    Then I had an accident and stepped straight legged into the corner of a cement block causing a bone contusion of my left heel AND a 5mm tear of the tendon.

    My first podiatrist did 3 cortazone shots. Two in the left heel and one in the right. This was BEFORE we had done a MRI to see the 5mm tear.

    The pain continued for 3 weeks...

    So my second podiatrist ordered an MRI and we saw the 5mm tear of the tendon. He ordered me to wear the "air cast" boot for 7 weeks. Which I did.

    It did absolutely nothing. No healing at all.

    So 10 weeks in I'm off to my third podiatrist. He orders a Topaz + PRP surgery on both feet. Surgery went fine, but the doctor wanted me walking SAME DAY as the surgery and wanted me IN MY OWN SHOES within 3 days. He wanted me up and active.

    So basically I feel like there's been no healing from the surgery at all. I'm walking on two GIANT BRUISES for 5 weeks now. It's now been 5 weeks PAST the surgery and my feet hurt WORSE NOW than before the surgery.

    I've now suffered with over 15 weeks of straight pain. Right now I'm having very bad morning foot pain, and difficulty walking after resting.

    Can anyone please help me?
  2. Miserable

    Miserable Guest

    I can relate to your story. I too went to a podiatrist for the treatment of three problems. The major problem was a pain on the right ankle. After about 8 weeks of ineffective laser treatments, I shared my problem with my BC/BS health coach. She told me to ask my doc what he would do if I was his mother. Then he ordered an MRI which indicated that I have a partially torn tendon. He put me into an air cast. After two weeks, I was then sent to a surgeon who performed Topaz and promised relief. I did get pain free relief in three days and the surgeon was happy at my post op visit. Unfortunately, he told me to wear the soft black cast again, and I have had pain for the entire week since I put it on. I get pain throughout the night and day. I will see my surgeon again tomorrow. I will provide you an update. I hope that I am not in in the 5% category for whom the procedure does not work. Over 5 million have had this procedure. I had tried to get an appointment with a top doc at HUP, prior to the surgery, but he was not available until mid Dec 2011. I am keeping that appointment, because I want my life back.
    What is PRP?

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