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4 months post injury and Still horrid pain and swelling

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Hurting Unit, May 16, 2012.

  1. Hurting Unit

    Hurting Unit New Member

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    Hi. I fell on January 18th (4 months ago) and that resulted in my foot bending too far forward (toes pointing away from my leg). I had an MRI. It was inconclusive as I have a huge amount of swelling, but it generally indicated that I have 4 ligaments that have been torn, with 3 of them appearing to be severed completely, including 1 on the outside, 1 in the middle and 1 on the inside and the 4th one shows only torn and it is also on the outside. I currently have aggressive physical therapy and see a specialist. My symptoms are still pretty significant. As long as I stay off it, the swelling isn't bad and I can walk ok (I haven't been out of a brace since the incident. I wore a boot cast for 2 months and then a figure 8 brace since then), but after I walk a few blocks the pain can be nearly intolerable sometimes. Anyway, the specialist advised me yesterday to push it as far as I can. He told me to get rid of the brace and go about my normal activites. He said that the only way I can hurt it worse than it's already hurt is if I re-roll it (I didn't roll it in the first place). I'm so concerned about this advise. My primary doctor believes that I need surgery. My physical therapist told me that she has never seen an injury this significant without surgery. This is a workers compensation injury, so I am limited as to which doctors I can see. Does anyone know about this type of injury and can you reassure me that I am getting sound advise from this doctor?
  2. cookie monster

    cookie monster New Member

    I seriously think you need a second opinion! If your ligaments haven't healed in this amount of time, it sounds to me like you may need surgery. I've heard that ligaments don't heal quickly or well due to lack of blood supply getting to them, so surgery may be your only option at this point. If workers' comp isn't helping, could you go outside with your personal insurance so you have more freedom?
  3. Hurting Unit

    Hurting Unit New Member

    I think you're right Cookie Monster about the 2nd opinion. I saw my physical therapist yesterday, and I thought she was going to have a bird. She completely disagrees with the surgeon. She got out my MRI results and reiterated that she has never seen an injury to this degree not require surgery. She also stated that she thinks that my workers comp insurance is behind the "wait game". So, I'm going to request a 2nd opinion and go from there. In the mean time, I'm going to do my best to follow doctor's orders. That's the unfortunate part of a workers comp claim. You have to do what they say or else the insurance can claim that you didn't follow doctor's orders, even if you feel like doctor's orders could potentially hurt you. In this case, I feel like that is possibly the case. My ankle is unstable. I have to pay attention to every step for fear that it is going to roll inward on me. Even paying attention, sometimes it gives. I feel scared. I hope someone steps up for me soon. I hope I dont' have to get a lawyer. That would stink.

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