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5th Metatarsal Avulsion, Minimally displaced fracture...

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by carmellow18, May 9, 2011.

  1. carmellow18

    carmellow18 New Member

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    It has been 7 weeks (March 20, 2011) since I broke my 5th metatarsal and have seen 2 different Podiatrists for this (for a second opinion.) Anyways, I have been to the first doctor 3 times and the new doctor once (on May 3rd) and have had one xray done since the very first one I had. The new doctor told me I could start walking in a walking boot/cast which I went and picked up 4 days ago. He told me to practice getting use to it with my crutches and after a day or two to practice with just one crutch. So today I started practicing with one crutch and I just cant seem to do it...I cant seem to walk normally...its like my body has forgotten how to walk normally...The walking boot has a rolling effect on the bottom of it so i step with that and then its like im scared to put all my weight on my injured foot so i just drag my good foot instead of walking like normal. Someone please help me! Whats the easiest way to transition into walking after 6.5 weeks of no putting any weight on my right leg/foot. I still feel slight pain when I try walking with the walking boot where the fracture site is...is this normal after 7 weeks? I still have swelling and slight bruising near my toes....both doctors told me I may have beginning stages of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. I take Niacin for this as told to by my recent doctor and am taking Naproxen for the swelling and for the past two nights Ive been soaking my foot with Epsom salt and warm water at night when I take my walking boot off (as my foot is very sore and stiff then.) What can I do to make walking normal again easier? What exercises can I do to help strengthen my foot and leg muscles?! Please help :(
  2. Gimpy Girl

    Gimpy Girl Guest

    I too have had a 5th met avulsion fracture, and like you it was scary to put weight on it at first.

    I do have one question: You do know that the single crutch goes on the opposite side of your bad foot, right? I ask because a friend of mine who broke her ankle was trying to use one crutch as per doctor's instructions, and had it on the same side and found it was very awkward to say the least.

    My suggestion for transitioning is to use both crutches but put more and more weight on your bad foot, then when you can put most of your weight on it and hardly any on your crutches, move to a single crutch.

    It's been 6 months since I broke my 5th met, and I'm still in a boot (no crutches) because of tendon problems... When and if I ever get out of this thing, I think I will have the same issues with walking. I don't wear the boot at home, just out and about as I'm so sick of the thing...!

    As for soreness, I can't really comment as with the tendon issues, my soreness may not be similar to yours, but I do know that my friend with the broken ankle experienced soreness and swelling for a month afterwards until her ankle got strengthened again, and her doctor told her she would have swelling for up to a year. (She had pins, plates and screws installed though so more severe of a fracture than ours were!)

    Good luck with your healing!
  3. carmellow18

    carmellow18 New Member

    Gimpy Girl,

    thanks for your quick reply.

    I tried using a single crutch on the same side as my bad foot and the opposite side as well and neither seemed right lol =/ so i looked online and someone said to use it on the same side as my bad foot and then you said to use it on the opposite side, so now im not so sure...im confused with the whole ordeal. I just want to be able to walk normal, even if in the stupid walking boot...I just want to be able to walk and do things for myself (I am 25 and currently my mom has to carry things for me and help me out a lot.)

    Its like I am scared to put all my weight on my bad foot in fear that it will hurt or I will make it worse (even though my doctors said I wont make it worse.) Its my mind that is holding me back. I practice doing it by first taking a step with my bad foot and then I go to step with my good foot and thats where I just kinda drag it or hop along ;/ soo frustrating!

    Any other suggestions? or exercises you would recommend?
  4. Gimpy Girl

    Gimpy Girl Guest

    You use it on your good side and lean over on it, same as someone using a cane would do. It does feel a bit awkward at first. As for the fear of stepping on it, I know that feeling, and try doing it with 2 crutches for a few days. You'll find that once you do it for awhile, you'll feel more confident, that your foot isn't going to break again. It may get sore because those muscles and your foot aren't used to weight on them, but if your doctor has cleared you to weight bear, it won't break. But don't rush things -- use 2 crutches, putting weight on that foot (some weight) for a couple days, increasing the weight for another couple days, until you're putting a fair amount on it, then try switching to one crutch. You may also find that you use 2 crutches when out and about, one crutch at home, just to feel more secure. I was doing this stuff during the winter, so would always have 2 when I went out as my big fear was slipping and falling and twisting my foot/ankle!

    It's normal to be afraid to step on your foot -- my physio told me it's our bodies way of protecting itself after injury. Your mind still thinks your foot is injured, so you have to prove to your mind that it's not....

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