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5th metatarsal break...gotten worse...questions...

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by chainsaw, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. chainsaw

    chainsaw New Member

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    hey guys

    went for secondary xrays last wednesday, and according to the e.r doc, she said my fracture seemed to have separated. so they referred me to an ortho surgeon. i went today, and all he did was put me into a fiberglass cast, and told me to return in 2 weeks for a fourth set of xrays and to figure out what to do from there, as the third set showed nothing much in terms of healing. i'm just wondering, being this is my first cast ever...what do i do to get rid of any itchies i may have under there?! this thing has only been on for a few hours, my foot feels secure now (air cast did nothing), but tight, and somewhat uncomfortable. will this thing break in eventually with wear, tear, sweat and movement? also, how long on average does something like this take to heal? i'm going onto week 3 with it being broken.
  2. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Keeping it elevated will help with swelling that can make it feel tight. I have used Benadryl for itching sometimes but check with a pharmacist first if you are taking any other meds, especially pain meds. You can't "break it in" but you should be able to adapt and get used to it. Don't shove things down it to scratch as you risk irritating and breaking the skin underneath. Bring some lotion to your next appt as if they take it off and you end up getting another, putting lotion on your leg first can help with dry skin and itching if you are re-casted. I had 4 cast in 9 weeks last summer.
  3. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Depends on what type of break it is. If it's a Jones fracture like I have then you are looking at quite a while to heal. I opted for surgery on 5/13. Got out of my cast on 6/29. Still in a walking boot with only partial weight bearing. Likely won't be back to full activity until the beginning of September at the earliest. Everyone is different though.

    I had a total of four casts. It took me about three days each time to "break in" the cast to the point where my foot didn't feel claustrophobic. I myself used a plastic straw to do a bit of itching when the need arose.

    Good luck!
  4. chainsaw

    chainsaw New Member

    i made a post previously to this one. a broken bone is new news to me. whatever the case, i'm unsure what the break is actually called to be honest. they simply told me it was broken "real good"! lol! it's starting to feel a bit looser now that i have had 1 night to sleep on it, but the itching has it's coming and going moments that drive me absoloutely wrangy. before hand i had the aircast on for almost 3 weeks, and i was the one who mentioned to the surgeon about putting this dumb fiberglass one on. i'm starting to regret it! everyone that has seen my xray tells me i should be getting surgury done on it, but the surgeon seems to be optimistic about this thing healing properly on its own. my own opinion, and i'm no heathcare pro, but if it heals on it's own, with the gap, i'm going to have some severe issues going on down the road. 2 more weeks, then i go back and see what's going on. i'm almost opting for something to be done further...i'm quite active, and i'm curious if breaks like this re-break easier when doing something physical, like wakeboarding, or snowmobiling. maybe i'm simply a big ol' worry wart and am stressing out about nothing.

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