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A bump with a hole in it?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by OPB, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. OPB

    OPB Guest

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    Hi, about a month ago I first noticed a bump on my foot. It's on the right hand side under my right foot, just on the edge of the thick skin from my heel. It's only about a centimetre round and when you look from the side it only protrudes a milimetre or two (not unlike the size of a mosquito bite). It's uncomfortable to walk barefoot, although I don't feel it when I have shoes on. Squeezing or pressing on it hurts as though there's something sharp in there. The skin is very slightly darker on the bump, but no darker than the natural variation around my heel.

    Our first thought was a splinter working its way out as I do like to walk barefoot, but I'd have expected that to have pus around it? This skin is solid, like a corn or something. But the really disturbing this is that there's a hole in the centre. You barely even see it, it's only a milimetre or two across and it it looks like another piece of shedding skin on my feet at the moment. But last night I stuck some needle nosed tweezers in to see if I could find a splinter etc, and they went in 3-4mm before hitting the bottom. I don't recall the hole being there to start with, so I think it may be growing. There's no blood or pus or anything coming out, but it may be that it's actually like a deep blister that the thick skin is masking. Now I've found the hole I'm worried that there's an infection or a parasite burrowing into me although there's nothing to see :/

    Would a splinter behave that way? Anyone have any other ideas?

    Thanks :)
  2. JCW

    JCW Guest

    I read this and couldn't believe it. I have developed the same thing. At first I thought it might be a bone spur or something of the sort. It has continued to grow and harden but at the top is a circular area that is depressed. It has a general dull pain that is slightly worse when you push directly down on it, but the pain increases greatly with pressure parallel to the skin (like drawing a finger across it). Would love some insight into this.
  3. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    The same thing happened to me too. I think it's gotten bigger. Also another one appeared on the same foot and on the other one too. I'm just scared if it's cancerous.
  4. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I got mine a week ago. Has anybody figured out what it was?
  5. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Oh my gosh! I have one of those, too! Has anyone figured out what it is?! It's starting to worry me becasue it hurts; I didn't notice it until I stepped on something and it pressed on it... Please help!
  6. lloyd zerna

    lloyd zerna New Member

    If it hurts you should consult your doctor. that is the very first thing you should consider when it comes to foot pain or problems.
  7. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    It's called a plantar wart. It will eventually go away without the help of a doctor. My mother used to get them when she was young and I have one on my foot as well but it is by my toes. I asked her about it and she said it takes quite awhile to go away but they will eventually. I think they come from walking around outside barefoot.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2012
  8. 3dsoles

    3dsoles New Member

    Probably a plantar wart (Can't tell without seeing it)

    In most cases it goes away by itself, but you must try to reduce pressure from the area by not wearing tight shoes.
    It some cases it can also be surgically removed.
  9. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Use compound-w patches from the drugstore. I have one of those now, and it seemed to get worse but now it is dying. It should speeden the process.
  10. RockyBoss262

    RockyBoss262 Guest

  11. Kay

    Kay Guest

    Same thing ! The first one was on my index finger.I assumed I had a splinter or something so I got a needle out and poked around.Nothing.I put Compund W on it daily for a few days.It just ate the skin away to the point that I figured a razor blade would shave it off.Nope.It came back.I bought Equate brand Freeze off stuff for freezing warts.Two treatments and it is coming back.I just noticed the same thing on the bottom of my foot.WTF?I have never had this before.It is sore if you press on it.I have tried all I know so I guess I will go to the doctor.
  12. Marie

    Marie Guest

    Just curious if u went to the Dr and why ever became of this..
  13. Random

    Random Guest

  14. meetoo

    meetoo Guest

    I had one on bottom of foot up near pinky toe. OUCH. Seems to be a somewhat hardened matter - looked like a corn but with the tiny hole in the center?

    Went away on it's own?? No pain, but the smallest of white dots is visible. Now? I have one on the center of thumb pad on right thumb. OUCH. Same type of thing. Hole in center. Looks like a callous/corn. But it is painful.

    It seems there is a small round thing in there. I can feel it.

    Very strange.

    Noticed the foot one a couple of years ago and it just went away. Noticed this thumb bump about a year ago and I am done with it.

    Looking for natural - get rid of corn type remedies.
  15. Sads

    Sads New Member

    Got this couple of weeks ago. Little pain but it's hard to touch. Doc said that's a pressure point due to footwear and told to come back if it's paining. Need to go next week as it's paining. Any ideas??

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  16. Virginia H.

    Virginia H. Guest

  17. Virginia H.

    Virginia H. Guest

    Virginia H.
    I have one just like that one, SAME SPOT, edge of my heel, Very painful at times. but when I got it opened up a tiny bit, It started bleeding...And I has gotten a hair wider but is now thicker in height...Soaked my foot...Scrubed it down...Nothing...Used a Corn/Callus remover with/pads for 4 days...Soaked it scrubbed it again...A lot less thicker...But started bleeding like crazy...AGAIN...STILL VERY PAINFUL
  18. Sads

    Sads New Member

    My doctor examined it by scaling with a scalpel and Removed the hard bump and scraped some of the dead tissues. He also said that the only difference between the corn and wart is that after scraping the bump, the corn area shows more dead skin and hard tissue. Whereas while scraping the wart, it might bleed and hurt.
  19. Amanda

    Amanda Guest

    This may be a little late but I've had one on my left foot for a year now. It's exactly as everyone has described. It's a small mound of callused skin with a white hole that pops up in the center of it. Almost like a tiny crater in my foot. Well I figured at first that it was a wart but I've tried everything and it continues to just grow back. And then I noticed this "wart" never got any of the black seeds or veins in it that I thought were characteristic of a plantar wart. So I started googling and came across a corn but those usually happen on the sides of the foot or on toes except for a seed corn. Which is a mound of callused skin with a rock hard plug of dead skin in the center. The plug comes out if you pry and pick enough and I've found it relieves the pain of walking for a bit until it grows back in. I'd suggest some of you googling porokeratosis plantar or seed corns and you'll see exactly what you are all describing. I now have two more popping up on the heel of my right foot and unfortunately as far as I've read they will continue to grow back regardless of what is done. All you can do is continue to get the core dug out but before doing anything please please consult a podiatrist because these can give way to cancerous lesions. Just watch for any infections as well.
  20. Will

    Will Guest

    It is an alien hole for laying eggs.

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