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A bump with a hole in it?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by OPB, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Jake Yazzie

    Jake Yazzie Guest

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    I had one and was painful walking on it. Then I started to remove the dead skin with a needle and got to the bottom. When I stab the bottom, I think I pop it and blood started coming out. Then I just squeezed the hole with blood and a hard corn like pop out! Kinda scared me and I’ll see if it gets better :(
  2. Peter

    Peter Guest

  3. Peter

    Peter Guest

    I also have one on my right index finger. I've had them before. It always takes months sometimes a little over a year to go away. I'm always trying to remove it by cutting away at the calluse around it and digging into the tiny hole in the center of it. But still don't know what it is or why they keep coming back. Anyone?
  4. Byare1

    Byare1 New Member

    remember how you drove a splinter in your finger, what happened when you did not get it? Nothing special, our bodies and such digest
  5. Jazz

    Jazz Guest

  6. Ruth13

    Ruth13 Guest

    The ones on the bottom of foot with a dark hole are plantar warts. Vicks vapor rub will help them and any other warts clear up. If you want to get rid of them even faster, try tea tree oil, but probably best to dilute it with coconut oil or something. An old time doctor once told me that if you get one, you're lacking vitamin E.

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