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Accessory Navicular Removal Surgery Post Op Recovery Timeline

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Mncst, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Mncst

    Mncst New Member

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    Hi, new member here and am hoping to get some feedback. I am 8 days post op from cartiva implant, accessory navicular removal and 3IMS release surgery. Surgeon removed accessory navicular and put in an anchor to reattach posterior tibial tendon and put me in a soft dressing, not a cast, and told me I could be full weight bearing on day one. It’s day 8 and I am nowhere near being full weight bearing. After looking on the internet and reading about other surgeons navicular recovery timelines I’m finding that almost 100 percent of them have their patients in a cast for 6 weeks and are non weight bearing. Am looking to see what others experience has been. Thanks!
  2. bpayne75

    bpayne75 New Member

    I was told the same thing. I’m on day 5 and still can’t put any weight on it. The pain is still horrible. My surgeon/Dr told me to rest after I got home from the surgery then next day start putting weight on it. He said 2-3 days and I’ll be fine. Like you mentioned, everything I have read, recovery time is at least 6 weeks no weight bearing. Not sure why he would tell me 2-3 days. How are you now? I noticed you had yours done in April.
  3. Kristin

    Kristin Guest

    My son got the surgery June 1st. He was in a brace dressing for 2 weeks until his stiches came out. He was also in extreme discomfort and taking strong pain meds for the first week. Dr told him to be non weight bearing to give the tendon time to heal with the bone. After stiches he was put in a cast for 5 weeks, was supposed to be 4 but we were away for vacation. Cast was also non weight bearing but my sons pain level was extremely low. He was just put into a boot 2 days ago. He has a lot of pain again, to be expected. Dr has said to slowly began working the ankle and put pressure as he feels comfortable.
  4. lblena28

    lblena28 Guest

    I got my accessory navicular removed and anchored in december, so I’m about 10 months post-op. I can workout and walk long distances, but there is still pain present when I twist my foot and I can’t even think about running. The doctors said to give it a year recovery time but things are looking bleak but I’m trying to stay positive. I just want answers and want to know why I still feel shitty. I was in a cast for about 5 weeks and they repositioned my foot in the hard cast once. I also got DVT which set me back about a month. Now I can work out again and I feel I’m almost back to normal and I’m thankful from where I was, but I feel like I’m not 100%. I wonder if I’ll ever be 100%. What time lines did your doctors give you guys for full and complete healing? I’ve seen a couple of specialists who have all said a year but some days for full full healing it could be a year and a half.

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