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Accessory Navicular surgery

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by KASSIE, Mar 18, 2019.


    KASSIE New Member

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    Im 32 y/o ....I had accessory navicular surgery with tendon repair and a anchor placed in my foot March 11th, 2019. Today marks my 1 week post OP. The dr. Put me in a half cast and I'm non-weight bearing for 6 weeks. I have been elevating my foot 97 % of the day and I'm still in significant amount of pain. My question is what type of pain has others experienced after this surgery? What was your recovery time?
  2. untamedmane

    untamedmane Guest

    I am almost 4 weeks post op of getting an accessory navicular bone removed and posterior tibial tendon inflammation release in my left foot. About 7 years ago I had almost the same surgery done on my right foot, minus the tendon release. When I had the surgery 7 years ago, I didn't walk for 8 weeks. It has to be a long period of time to give the tendon ample time to heal to the bone. Now doctors are starting to allow patients to go into splints earlier and allow people to move their ankles and apply some weight earlier in the recovery process. Its all up to what you can handle, but at 8 weeks expect to for sure be walking in a boot. This is a major surgery and will have a lot of ups and downs in the recovery process, so give yourself time to feel better. I am a PE/Health teacher and have ran many half marathons and played sports after the surgery on my right foot, it takes time to be 100% again. It was a year before I was able to do those things again after the surgery on my right foot.
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