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Accessory Navicular Syndrome surgery, researching surgeons

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by AmyKJP, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. AmyKJP

    AmyKJP New Member

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    I initially damaged my ANS when I was about 8-9 years old. Since then the only issues that I have had was when I would go on long, all day walks. At least up until about a year ago, then everything changed.

    Within the last year I have started to experience the normal aches, pains and flare ups that are common with ANS, on a regular basis. 2-3 times a weeks.

    Last week I went to see an Ortho Foot Dr. and finally found out about ANS and what it meant. I’ve had the X-Ray and MRI done and the results showed that my accessory measures at just over 10mm, that I already have fluid at the Posterior Tibialis Tendon. That I am already showing Posterior Tibalis Tenosynovitis as well as showing signs of arthritis in the Talonavicular joint.

    The Ortho Dr. that I saw suggested that I try a hard cast for a month to see if we can get any of the inflammation to go down, which initially I am not ashamed to say, really upset me because I felt like it was just putting a Band-Aid on a major issue. He also said that he doesn’t feel he is the most qualified surgeon to do the surgery and that he knew a specialist that he could send me to.

    After some long thought over the last few days I have decided to do the hard cast as it will at least give me time to research surgeons on my own that may be more qualified to help me.

    My question for everyone is, have any of you been put into this situation and if so, do you have any tips for me? Things that I need/should to pay attention to while researching surgeons?
  2. Lisa1212

    Lisa1212 Guest


    Sounds like a long standing problem you're keen to resolve.
    How did the cast go?
    I injured my ANS in Jan '17 with ongoing pain thereafter mostly worsened by stair walking, walking, running and horse riding. I gave up all but short walks and saw the Orto Dr who did X-ray and MRI and offered surgery at the second appointment and am now nearly 4 weeks post op so it's early days. The orto I saw has performed the surgery a few times so had no doubt about doing mine. Have you made any progress finding anyone?

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