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Advice on sore foot For 20 weeks

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by louise, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. louise

    louise New Member

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    hi I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I was walking my dog back in September (20 weeks ago) and started to feel a burning/stinging sensation on the bottom of my foot, I couldn't stop walking as I was in the middle of nowhere had to get home, so I walked a further 2-3 miles with the pain getting worse. The next day I couldn't weight bare at all due to the pain and burning sensation, my right foot was a lot worse than my left foot. 2 days later the pain/burning was still there but was now bareable. To this day my right foot is still in a lot of pain with occasional pain in my left foot. This pain and burning intensifies with certain physical activity, walking on uneven ground, it also intensifies with periods of rest when I first try to walk. When I flex my foot I get a pain along the lateral side of my foot, when I walk the pain is along the arch of my foot and sometimes the bottom of my heel, I also have a firm-ish lump roughly an inch long and wide on the inside of the arch of my foot at the bottom of my heel (if that makes sense) this lump in painful to touch, if I stand still for any longer than 10 minutes I get a burning feeling and an ache along the arch of my foot, some days the pain is worse, some days it won't really bother me, sometimes it can come on all of a sudden and I have to stop moving and lift my foot. If I sit and leave my foot dangling I get almost like a heavy pressure feeling around where the lump is which then leads to the burning/stinging/pain. I am over weight and have put on over 4 stone in just over a year, I'm now trying to reduce my weight with diet. I have always walked 5-10 miles daily for the last 5 years with my dog until September last year when this pain started so I didn't just walk a long distance that my body would not have been used to. I didn't do anything that would have cause an injury such as twisting ankle, falling etc. The pain and burning just came on all of a sudden. I went to my GP and the told me it was muscle related, they gave me ibuprofen gel and said it will get better with time but I'm now not convinced as it has been weeks! Does anyone have any idea what could possibly be causing this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Sorry for the long post! Thanks in advance
  2. abc

    abc Guest

  3. abc

    abc Guest

    I would suggest that you see a podiatrist or an orthopedist who specializes in the foot. Have you done that yet? They will probably start with an x-ray and take it from there. I have no expertise at all but have recently had an acute or trauma fracture of the first metatarsal, and in researching it I read a lot about stress fractures. Perhaps this might be a cause.... but of course that is just a guess. A podiatrist should be able to get to the bottom of it. Best of luck!

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