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All kinds of feet problem

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Helen22, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Helen22

    Helen22 Guest

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    First off.. I've been to several podiatrists in 2 different states and none has been very helpful.

    A little about my feet.. relevant or not:

    They're ALMOST flat. Well, my left arch has fallen.. and the arch in my right foot pretty much disappears when I stand up.

    My ankle ligaments are loose.. very wide range of motion.

    I've had achilles tendonitis. I apparently have a couple "Accessory bones"? Last year I went to a podiatrist about a pain in below my big toe and he said it was a hint of arthritis to come.. hallux rigidus. I've got haglund's deformity on both of my heels.

    I'm pretty clumsy/unbalanced.. but I have done dance and yoga. IE, I know how I should be balanced but somtimes my feet/ankles just don't act as anticipated.

    My ankles chronically pop. I have asked each doctor about this and even though I say SOMETIMES it hurts, that's not enough for attention, I guess.

    Sometimes.. again, a question all my podiatrists have ignored.. when I'm standing on tiptoes or even if I just point my foot at all (no pressure), and sometimes just from walking up/down stairs I get an awful wince-inducing sharp pain on the top where my foot meets my ankle.

    I have custom made orthodic inserts.

    I've started a 5 day a week exercise plan about 3 weeks ago. Running/walking/jump squats etc are vital to it and I've been having problems.

    I moved into a new apartment about 4 weeks ago and during the move I somehow got stress fractures on the top of both of my feet. I stayed off them for a week and they got better.. and now I've got a new pain that running/walking/jumping exacerbates. I can't pinpoint what it is that hurts, but I've got a tender spot on my right foot about an inch in front of my ankle on the top. I've tried looking at anatomical charts to identify what it is but I don't know..

    Why do I have all these damn foot problems? Is it simple because of the ankle flexability?
  2. FootDoc

    FootDoc New Member

    I am always troubled when I here a long list of symptoms by questioners who has been to several podiatrists and they mention absolutely no diagnosis as having been made, and yet there it IS . . . "I have custom made supports." My first question is then always, WHY? Now either the questioner was offered a diagnosis relevant to his/her problem and a rationale for use of orthotics and he/she has simply not offered a comprehensive story, or, the podiatrist(s) having been seen sold the questioner orthotics because, either they actually had a diagnosis and rationale in mind, or they weren't sure what was wrong and thought orthotics might help even if they didn't know why, or there was good money in selling orthotics even if they saw no reason that they would help. As far as help here, it would require first a diagnosis, and a diagnosis is not likely from just the recitation of a litany of symptoms and/or failed attempts at treatment. It requires at the very minimum, a knowledgeable, hands-on examination. Selection of a good doctor is a prerequisite for success.
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