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Ankle and foot pain after dorsiflexion mobilization?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Lordel, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Lordel

    Lordel New Member

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    Could anyone have some opinion on dorsiflexion mobilization´s safety aspects. I was as a "practise customer" for a physiotherapist trainee in a podiatric clinic. Trainee was supposed to be doing her handlings based on podiatrist´s teachings and estimation.
    In my last visit there, trainee did to my both feet what I figure out being "dorsiflexion ankle mobilization". She held my heel and pulled to herself, about three times, and quite vigorously and as tugs, not as smooth and firm longer pulls. Didn´t feel pain when she did this, but didn´t feel good either.

    After that, the same day, my other ankle started to hurt somewhat when I was walking, in front of my outer malleolus. And then my lateral instep started to also hurt somewhat and feel sore and deconstructing when walking and when put weight on it. Prickling in both places. Sore aching sensation in my ankle also at rest.

    Got to see the podiatrist in charge in two weeks. He did ask me did the trainee pull my heel as those vigorous tugs or as a longer pull. So I assume now that tugs were a technical fault? He detected my foot and said my ankle joint capsule was irritated, and put kinesio tape around my ankle. He also said that prickling sensation would indicate tissue irritation. But he didn´t really say did something go wrong and what sort of mechanism could have caused these sensations.

    Now it´s been weeks after the mobilization, and my foot still doesn´t feel the same it was before. Still got soreness and prickling in front of my lateral malleolus and in my lateral instep. And sort of numb feeling in the round-shaped instep, like some band would thighten around it, especially after walking with shoes (got orthodix) and returning to walking without shoes indoors.

    Does it seem that the trainee´s mobilization technique went clearly wrong? And what mechanism could have triggered my symptoms, could there have been some structional damage? I used to have symptoms somewhat like these (but weaker) months ago with my foot and ankle when I originally went to podiatrist. But my foot had already been much better and almost totally symptom-free before this happened.
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Active Member

    It sounds that you have some sort of nerve damage. That could be a result of the mobilizations.
    Can't say I have ever seen anything like it before; so not sure what advice to give without seeing it. Suggest you do keep moving it as much as possible.
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