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Ankle Locks-Up

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by aperfectwar, Jun 27, 2009.

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    Hi all I'm so pleased I'm not the only one , I am very active until my ankle locks I usually spend 2 hours a day in the gym doing classes spin,pump,attack,step,running circuits etc, my ankle only ever locks when I'm sat down relaxing immediately I can't stand sometimes I can massage the ankle and it goes away although most of the time the pain will last 3- 4 days I've visited the doctor who was convinced it was a sprain (I would know if I'd done something to it) I am having the symptoms at present and have been hobbling for 2 days I still manage to swim but no cardiovascular I will go back and demand an MRI
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    Sometimes, the back of my ankle feels like it will break if I stand normally on the foot or try to bend it. This lasts for few hours but sometimes it can last for the whole day.

    Please, if anyone knows a remedy - do share.
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    After two years of ankle pain/locks I have finally got relief. Went to a Chiropractor at the word of my uncle. Ankle very locked the day before and the day of my apt. He tilted it ankle back and forth then POP, IT WAS UNLOCKED. Was told the bones in the ankle were out of alignment catching on one another. I was able to walk without pain when I left the office. Now this may not be the case for everyone, however felt this needed sharing. I plan on continuing treatment with the chiropractor.
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    God Bless the person who explained about the tendon going under the ball of your heel. My ankle was locked up for the third time this month; tried his method and it really works. Thanks a million!!!!!
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    I have the same thing!!

    When I go to walk its fine when I go to run its fine that's maybe 1/3 of the time even when I'm in bed if I go to rotate to like left or right just normaly and I here like the CRACK! Noise the I get up and I can't walk then its all better my morning the next day it happens just by walking and it's so annoying I've been to the doc and he is puzzled I've had a X-ray and it shows nothing,

    It's sooo annoying :(:(:(
    Plz help
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    About 6 weeks ago, I started getting some lower back or hip pain on the right side. Almost right around my spine. I would lay on my left side and move my leg around until it popped which relieved the pain. I didn't think anything about it since I could relieve the pain but then all of a sudden my right ankle started feeling weird....kinda like a tendon got twisted around the bone. I would have to move my ankle around and shake it for it to pop into place. It is now getting worse. It seems that it has something to do with Sciatic nerve is what my massage therapist says. But I don't have any pain running down my leg. It sounds like Xrays and MRI's won't do any good, so I won't bother. Great to know that I'm not the only one with this issue.
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    When my ankle locks up, I put a ankle brace on and within minutes the ankle will unlock.
    I find that the way I position my left leg while driving causes the ankle to lock up. Sometimes both ankles lock at the same time. But I just put the ankle braces on and that does the trick.
    The braces are a cloth wrap that has velcrow on them, cost me a dollar each at the dollar store. Once I stablize the ankle, then I am able to put weight on my ankles and walk.
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    I have this issue when I try to walk up my driveway which is an incline of 30 degrees. some times my knee also has this syndrome. In both spots it is very fleeting but the knee lock forces me to sit down when it occurs. I found that it is not orthopedic in nature but rather neurological from sitting with my left leg folded under my right leg or buttock. I have concentrated on not sitting that way rather I use a hassock and elevate my feet slightly when watching TV. HUGE improvement - some times a little warmth is also beneficial. The key is not to compress the nerves in the ankle or knee. Over time they take longer and longer to recover. They also seem to affected quicker. Good luck to everyone.
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    Guys the physios post above was right on the money in terms of what is functionally wrong with your ankle just didn't go into the full solution. To actually get the ankle to ankle to unlock you need to engage in deep tissue release in the muscles around the top of the ankle and most importantly the Achilles and muscle around the Achilles and calf surrounding the Achilles. Ie get into the tissue deep you won't realize how locked and essentially bottlenecking this tissue is until you get into deep, I'm talking pushing massaging into it hard myofascial release aka trigger point therapy. You want to be doing the equivalent of foam rolling here but a foam roller won't be good enough it's too soft and can't get the deep pressure you need along the muscles and tendon in this area, although there are ankle specific rollers but I don't feel they target the area well enough. Your best bet is to straight up dig in with your fingers and finger nails or ideally get one of those hard plastic spikey trigger point balls and roll along the muscle and locked up tissue deeply they're not very expensive at all. A hard plastic one would be best for your calf because it's hard to get the proper leverage down there with a softer ball. As the physio said above it will release the tendon and let your foot come up again.

    Having spent the better part of a yr focused heavily on essentially trigger point therapy after surgery on my ribs left my whole body askew like a pretzel even tho the surgery itself healed the muscles lock and won't relent unless you engage them deeply along the whole muscle. It's funny how many different areas of muscle in your body will lock up and essentially bottleneck your posture from returning to neutral, you wouldn't believe how many different areas can lock up and hold your whole posture out of whack. Worked through almost the whole body with a big emphasis on the shoulders, arms, hip flexors and spine which were stuck so to speak. Funny thing about trigger points and muscle knotting the muscles have memory and lock and although you know something vaguely hurts and aches until your rly just dig in to a problematic area and feel the almost instant relief from the tissue being worked you won't realize how badly it's locked up it's just the weird reality of it, guess your nervous system just gets used to it makes sense for survival purposes I guess but can render you pretty dysfunctional. Main issue I was having was I couldn't take deep breaths like I used to and posture had locked leaning back and twisting putting huge strain on my spine and neck.

    Anyways back to the ankles mine locked pointing down because of my posture up top twisting and leaning back essentially to avoid breathing through the injured rib area stopping that expansion due to the pain from the surgery. And after working through everything else over nd over and over and over up through the shoulders neck abdomen arms hip flexors etc the ankles being locked pointing and locking my feet down cause of that crooked posture was one of the final pieces of the puzzle for me. Releasing the calfs and ankles letting the feet point back up into neutral opened up my whole lower abdomen again (guts weren't flowing so well so to speak) let my hips pull back and tilt back again and my upper body lean forward over my pelvis which in turn let my head return forward easing my lower neck. So yeh trigger point therapy is the truth saved me and these days theres way too much focus on joints instead of muscle and tissue quality think about what your covered in and how you function daily, modern medicine is much too tunnel vissioned on joints and bone and cartilage instead of tissue quality. They've done studies taking mris of athletes with no pain or issues and finding issues that could be operated on in about 80% of the cases even tho there's no pain and essentially nothing wrong. The point being the body is designed to break down with west and tear and just living it with it rly. So yeh be weary of drs as had been mentioned above, muscle and tissue quality will be the focus of medicine in the future it is disgustingly neglected.

    Hope this post hopes anyone, and anyone who can relate to my situation and is battling themselves with something similar my advice is to not give up and not let the dark days keep you down, and don't be stubborn about what you think is the problem you need a VERY open mind when it comes to working through a littany of locked up muscle don't just get stuck with the idea in your head it's just this one area causing all the problems because while it may be very painful in that one area and you may get temporary relief if it's not unlocking the underlying postural cause it will inevitably tighten up again so stay vigilant, adaptable and open minded to working through different areas and think of your body functionally in terms of overall posture. Hope this helps anyone in trouble as I was! And boy was I in some trouble
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    And in terms of which side to focus more on for a set of muscles in tension, because a muscular imbalance will often occur in parallel on both sides which makes a lot of sense in terms of ur body's symmetry, from my own experience you will have to hit both sides at least a bit but focus more on the side that is shortened rather than lengthed as you will get more out of this side lengthening out again vs the other side shortening. It just seems to work that way.

    Like whilst I had to work both sides of my quadratus lumborum muscles (these muscles are pretty posturally important btw, I think everyone with this drop foot issue should at least test out how tight they are it might help realign things because with ur ankle locked pointing your foot down ur hips will pull forward to compensate tightening these muscles up, also maybe test out the very bottom of your erector spinae muscles particularly your multifidus around the very base of your spine down near your tailbone as these could be locked up too holding your hips outta place. ) ... I got more postural relief from working the right side more deeply as my torso trunk had rotated clockwise and tilted leaning right shortening the right side. Everything is linked in the body and you will find you may need to work on a whole chain of muscle groups to iron out all the issues and they will often be interdependent of each other like in the examples I explained above in brackets, those two muscle groups can tighten up together and hold each other back from loosening just because of how your body is structured. Hope this makes sense
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    And sorry one last thing about methodology and stretching, stretching is very useful but can only get you so far alone and apparently it's not even possible to stretch some muscles at all and some only to a limited extent based on the leverage you can generate on the entire muscle tissue. I found it's best to work the muscle with myofascial release first then stretch in that order and to do that in tandem together, luckily the calf is very stretchable but still this is important!
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    Hey had one more post but it had links in it so it wouldn't go through so make this one brief in case it is approved the other key muscles you will need to work on releasing are the anterior tibialis, extensor hallucis longus and the extensor digitorum longus*your outer shin muscles as well as the peroneal muscles that run down the side of your leg. These are the key muscles involved with your actual foot pointing down foot drop syndrome or whatever you wanna call it. Google those muscles to find where the trigger points usually form it helps a lot to know the anatomy in terms of loosening up a muscle. From what I've mentioned hope you can see how everything interconnected in the body and problems will often affect a whole different bunch of muscles and tissue at once which will all need to be worked at least a little to fully work your body back into its neutral state.
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    I have been experiencing the same thing for about 4 months and it's driving me nuts !
    The doctor says I am constantly dislocating my talus bone in the ankle ... anyone had this diagnosis ?
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    Pray and don't wear cheap flip flops!
  15. IdahoDPM

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    A proper examination by your Podiatrist will give you a better idea of what the problem is. Although descriptions are helpful in the forum, there are a number of reasons this could be occurring. You never want to ignore it when a serious issue could be the underlying cause.
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    Fantastic Forum. I am a health care professional. I have & had ankle lock ups. I had many ankle injuries and jobs on my feet. I had images and MRIs done. The Relax, Roll & Release rotatations done by yourself, another or a Chiropractic are necessary. The lengthening of the calf and other long muscles are necessary too. Often life will make these muscles overly tighten too much from a big game, long long hours working strenuously on your feet or cramping up a little or a lot while awake or asleep. Cramping requires progressive massage from gentle rubbing, then needing to thumbs and fingers pushing and prodding to fine the painfull triggers that all have to be done as the legs & personhood of the patient allow them to fully accept these treatments. NOW there are two more things that need to be done. The first one is GROUNDING and the second just as important is URINE THERAPY. GROUNDING involves increasing the amount of time our feet is in contact with the ground. I walk barefoot on damp grass or beach is great. I also stretch and lay on the ground. Grounding destresses my body and so goes the mind too. URINE THERAPY involves consuming a few drops of your urine, and increasing till you can tolerate an ounce daily. URINE THERAPY reverses and halts how our body reacts to connective tissue injuries. Google them separately and learn how to live a pain free lifestyle that allows you how to release locked ankles. I am a successful healthcare professional who doesn't smoke or drink or use drugs. I am happy and do my best to treat all with love and tolerance. I practice eating organic with minimal meats, fish and eggs and vegetable protines. I also drink filtered alkaline water. My life is a practice a lifestyle that showers me with all the joys of life. Who knew locked ankles would be the key for finding a blessed life.
  17. I have had two back surgeries and they disturbed my nerves so badly. I decided to look this up and gee I found many that has this! Mine feel like they are so swelled they can't move and I am having it real bad right now. I even have numbness right now in my feet. It scares me until I pray and I will pray for everyone to be healed in my wonderful Yeshua's name (called Jesus in America. Prayer is over what a doctor knows,. I go all the time and they act like nothing's wrong, so GOD will have to do this one, I pray. God bless you all.
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    Hey guys I'm 17 years old and my ankle basically locks everyday to the point where I cannot move it at all and it is extremely painful. I have no history of arthritis and have never had an ankle injury. I have seen a podiatrist and many doctors. X-rays haven't shown anything and I have had an MRI witch did not show anything as well. My doctor referred me to a neurologist and I had a brain MRI done which again showed nothing. I am going in to have an MRI of my spine and neck done tomarrow and should hopefully have the results by next week if anyone has any Imformation or advice please contact me at michael.schwany@gmail.com
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    Hello.....just passed the 9 month mark of 0 dorsiflex.....have tried everything....very similar case to yours.....did you get better? If so how?.......thx from cjcroccocal@ns.sympatico.ca


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