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Ankle Locks-Up

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by aperfectwar, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. laura

    laura Guest

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  2. Kj1

    Kj1 Guest

    This is correct for me. My ankle locks up sometimes up to 12 hours then spontaneously resolves. Sometimes this motion resolves it, sometimes not.
    QUOTE="Unregistered, post: 60344"]It's your tendon. It become loose from sprains. Instead of going over the ball on your heal it has slid underneath the ball on your heal. To fix it point your foot downward and bend or push the front of your foot inward. I.E. If it's your left foot point your foot down then push the front part of your foot to the right. You may have to do this a couple of times to get the tendon back over the ball on your anckle. Hope this helps.[/QUOTE]
  3. Madeline Gill

    Madeline Gill New Member

    For the past few weeks, my ankle has been locking up on occasion. It will cause some pain and extreme discomfort. The only way for me to "unlock" it is to either shake my foot or just wait for it to stop itself. However, 3 years ago, I had a rockclimbing accident and shattered my ankle. I now have 2 titanium screws to hold my bone together. Here in Connecticut, the temperature has been changing drastically every day. One day it will be 30 degrees F and another day it will be 50. I'm not sure if my ankle locking has to do with screws or temperature, but I'm seriously considering revisiting my surgeon.
  4. Neil Elliott

    Neil Elliott Guest

  5. Meg

    Meg Guest

    I always thought I was alone on this one and then I found you all. I'm 20 years old and since I was 16 I have been dealing with this ankle. It happens sometimes when I am relaxing and I will go to stand up and my left ankle won't bend upward . It is very painful. Doctors don't listen when I explain it and they say it's normal. I asked my sports medicine teacher and he said it is probably a loose fragment of tissue or cartilage floating in my ankle and when it catches, it enable the joint from rotating upward. I wish there were treatments for this .
  6. Phylis

    Phylis Guest

    Having same problem the pain some days is almost unbearably. Besides ankles locking have pain up the front of my legs. I've tried so many things but nothing helps enough. Was wondering has anyone tried homeopathic remedies for bone spurs and did it help? Also wondering if inversion tables have helped anyone. Hoping for some replies.
  7. Susan.Coug

    Susan.Coug Guest

  8. Tia

    Tia Guest

    Hi, i am new to this forum. I have a similar problem where my calf and ankle lock up to the point where it ends up turing my left foot inwards toward my right foot and cant straighten it out for a good 2-3 min. Has this happened to anyone else.
  9. joanbradman

    joanbradman New Member

    nice information you all posted here Thanks!
  10. Mike l

    Mike l Guest

    Hi I am a medical professional (BFD), actually a registered MRI technologist. I suffer horribly with bilateral ankle "locking" routinely. It may not occur for months or like now has been ongoing for about a week. As others have explained , it will come on suddenly and I CANNOT flex or bend my ankle at all. Its locked and feels like it is going to break if I try to flex it. This last time I had to walk on it and the only was to walk on the ball of my foot with my ankle maintained in a locked 90 position.
    Recent weight gain has definitely made It more frequent. There is no definitive diagnosis or cure and you will be running around getting seemingly accurate diagnosis and possible acceptable treatments. but it all boils down to old , overstretched , slack and damaged ligaments that bind and lock up from time to time, yes very , very frustrating and painful!! I agree. solution: 1. Keep the weight down !!! 2. keep the ankles fluid, moving, strong and properly worked with a good exercise program. 3. warm up , warm up warm up before any exercising or walking. 4. NSADs work good for some pain relief and reducing inflammation. 5 skip rope !!!
  11. Ksy

    Ksy Guest

  12. Tracie

    Tracie Guest

  13. Alison O

    Alison O Guest

    This is so frustrating...none of the solutions have resolved it today and usually I can loosen it with pointing my toe down and over, but I'm at nearly 3 hours and I can't even walk the pain is so unbearable.
    Anyone have an solutions not mentioned? Or has anyone taken serious measures to try and rid themselves of this all together? It's so unpredictable and I can't live like this anymore. Open to any and all solutions!
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  15. Laura C.

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  16. Laura C.

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