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Barefoot Running

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Admin, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

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    Running without running shoes had been very popular recently however involvement in it and the number doing it have dropped of significantly. It was a craze that lasted several years and was largely influenced by social media discourse. This was a short lived trend towards barefoot running that took off about 2009 with an increase of interest in running without running shoes. It was stated in lots of books, blogs and magazine articles that barefoot running was more natural, that it was a more economical way to run and that you got significantly less overuse injuries running that way. Many runners tried barefoot running as opposed to using running shoes and interest in it peaked around 2013. The sales of minimal or barefoot running shoes also peaked about that time, reaching nearly 10% of the running shoe market.

    After that original attention and peak interest in barefoot running and minimalist running shoes were gradually dropping. Runners lost interest in running barefoot. The sales of the minimalist running shoes have been declining continuously since about mid- to late 2013. The alleged advantages for it did not eventuate to a lot of runners who tried it but, of course, those who publicized barefoot running simply are convinced that those runners were doing it incorrectly. When the scientific research built up, the results weren't just there. All of the injury rate reports were showing that the injury risk was similar should you be running in footwear versus running without running shoes and most of the running economy studies were also showing that often there weren't any systematic benefits.

    While some runners, who're very vocal, still do their running barefoot the important market shift has now been towards the maximalist running shoes with the Hoka One One running shoe being the leader in that group of running shoes. It has now achieved the stage where that brand now outsells the entire group of minimalist running shoes giving an obvious indication of the popularity of cushioned running shoes compared to running barefoot.
  2. Donellas Feet

    Donellas Feet New Member

    I hated it!!! Never again for me thank you.
  3. Kimberly1evans

    Kimberly1evans New Member

    i recently tried this it really dose make your feet feel a little better. Releasing the free radicals in your foot greatly benefits everyone.
  4. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    Sorry, but that is just made up pseudoscientific hippy dip shit.
  5. Byare1

    Byare1 New Member

    Well, I like walking barefoot on grass when I’m on a picnic or something like that, but only when looking carefully where I step. Guess, I’d not risk to run without shoes (I’m just afraid of breaking a finger or something like that).
  6. dRochers

    dRochers New Member

    the tamahumarra indians used to run many miles while barefoot.

    if i ran in soft sand a few times a month, i might try it too...

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