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Best Orthotics For Foot Arthritis?

Discussion in 'Foot Care and Foot Health News' started by DavidSam0230, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. DavidSam0230

    DavidSam0230 New Member

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    I wondering what are the best OTC orthotics for foot osteoarthritis? Someone recommended Powerstep orthotics. I'm not sure which model though.
    Any suggestions?
  2. dRochers

    dRochers New Member

    I normally wear the gel type arch supports in my walking shoes but tried Dr. Scholl's because it was a good deal, and they are great. I was on vacation last week and used them for miles of walking and I had no foot pain at all. Even though my Skechers shoes have a very good cushioned insole I still need a little more support in my arch so the Skechers and these insoles combined are perfect.
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  3. Shoepractitioner

    Shoepractitioner New Member

    1.Dr. Comfort Refresh Extra Depth Therapeutic Shoe- best shoes for arthritis in big toe uk
    Atour top portion, we had to include a high performing and shoe with a good appearance so that regardless of suffering from big toe arthritis. A more durable sole used to cater for shock and pressure generated by your foot. The upper of this shoe was designed from dull grain leather which is compatible with sued.

    Overall was the other major feature where the manufacturer great invested more time by including quality fabric which apart from keeping your entire foot comfortable it keeps it away from the irritation which might later develop to painful blisters. Quality Offers arch support technology employ have improved both the performance and durability of this shoe model

    The designer included a quality rubber sole which apart from making this arthritic shoe to be flexible has also reduced the overall weight. For amazing walking experience, the designers went out of their way to feature technology-based premium level cushion system which has all the potential it takes to keep your foot from shock or any form of pressure either when running or walking.


    • removable EVA foot bed durable upper and sole construction
    • Active and 100% comfortable Motion Technology
    • Breathable mesh
    • Three color options are available

    • price is upside
  4. DaveBB

    DaveBB New Member

    Same here. I have different arch supports and insoles for different purposes but if I supposed to have a big hike somewhere, those are just not enough. I have a pair of gel well-cushioned orthofeet hiking boots as well as Asics gel running shoes as this article advised.
  5. Shannon Dawson

    Shannon Dawson New Member

    i love the insoles from superfeet!
  6. Shannon Dawson

    Shannon Dawson New Member


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