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Best shoe to wear 4 months post op Lapidus bunionectomy

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by momsue_2001, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. momsue_2001

    momsue_2001 New Member

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    I had a lapidus bunionectomy 4 months ago on my left foot, I still have pain and some swelling when walking. I have been to physical therapy for 2 month now and have gotten the toe to be much more mobile, but still have pain probably from tendonitis on the top of my foot, I am sure it is from the way I have been walking. I also am having pain around the plate and screw area on top of my foot. (I will be having the plate and screws removed in a month) I have been wearing orthodics in my gym shoes and am still limping. My question is I am going on vacation and would like to do some walking and sight seeing. What would be the best shoe to wear that would accomodate my orthodics but won't be binding across my plate on the top of my foot? (Sandals? Ballet shoes??) I found this surgery to have been one of the most difficult things to recover from. Is it normal to still be limping and unable to walk normal after 4 months? My Doctor keeps trying to give me new things every time I go in, she has given me an ankle brace, inserts for my shoes. I have had ultra sound, electric stimulation, prescription anti-inflamatory pads. Not much success with any of it!:confused: Not having much luck in reducing the amount of pain I have when I walk... Will this ever subside???
  2. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I had this surgery about 7 weeks ago. I think it is just a very slow process. I am just now able to get out of my boot. I am wearing MBT sandals that I bought last year to help with the pain of my bunion, and now, they are the best thing going. For work I have a pair of Mion slides/mules--they are similar to a Crocs but much more sturdier and have a footbed insert that is great! I bought them years ago for the same reason as I bought the MBTs and when I did the salesman said they were like "Crocs on Steroids". I too will be traveling and doing more walking, so I will be in the MBT and Mions the whole time.
  3. Your post is from 5 years ago and I assume everything is back to normal by now.
    I was wondering, how long was it until you stopped limping (I still am) and swelling is completely gone (I'm still swollen)...

    My wedding is right around the corner and the closer it gets the more freaked out I become that I'll be limping down the aisle.

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