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Best treatment for small plantar fibroma?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by lky123, Sep 8, 2010.

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    Sorry... Not only for your job, but because of mental and emotional well being, and your family....
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    I've heard the Dr. Scholl's machine that tells you what orthodics to use have helped 3 of my friends with plantar faciatis (I know it's not quite the same but it's worth a try). They tried professionally made orthodics and said the $50 Dr. Scholl's have taken away their foot pain. I will try them first if that's what the podiatrist recommends.
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    I've had plantar fibromas for 10 yrs. now. I started with cortisone shots. They were excruciating and didn't do a thing. I've had 3 surgeries and all they do is come back in mass and bigger than before. Last year I had the plantar fascia release (they cut one of the tendons in your calf and it releases the tendon to give more flexibility in the foot. It isn't supposed to cure them, but it's supposed to keep more from growing and the existing ones from getting larger. Mine have continued to grow on both feet. I also tried the Verapamil and laser treatments, and that was a big waste of money (not covered by insurance). I'm desperate to find something that works. I'm going to try stretching. Does anyone know of a salve or cream that works to shrink them in conjunction with the stretching?
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    I have had this condition for 15 years and it started by running on a treadmill in the fully inclined position. This apparently tramatized my arches causing severe pain to the point I can not longer run without pain. My best results for pain relief have been foot massages from a Chinese reflexologist at the Northlake Mall in Charlotte NC. It was painful when he was pressing on my feet but felt much better afterwards for a few days. I also have got quite a bit of relief from Dr. Scholls inserts and have found that firmer sole shoes are better than soft ones. I am going to try streching as I am very inflexible anyway. I'm a 44yr old male in good shape and enjoy walking and stand on my job half the day, so I have to manage the pain and surgery is not an option. It is somewhat dissappointing to learn that they do not go away on their own and there is not common treatment to make them go away. Both of my arches have about 6-7 small knots that extend in a row through the fascia plantar, which I refer to as my arches. Thanks to everyone for the helpful advice. It's nice to get some new insight into this without having to go see a foot doctor
  5. I am using magnesium cream, as this too is a calcium blocker, just like the Verapamil. It seems to have reduced the bump. My problem is that whenever I do something with too much walking or standing on a ladder (painting ceiling), it gets much worse.

    You can get various magnesium products on Amazon...com
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    How many people have tried Verapamil for plantar fibromatosis? I am planning on ordering it. Any luck with reducing lump.???
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    I heard that the cream is very expensive. The magnesium cream was effective enough to reduce the pain in my medial fibroma. I may have another one near where the big toe and the pointer toe meet the foot.

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    My brother has these lumps and so do I, I am female and have lived with them for approx 6 years my brother has lived with them for about 14 years. My lumps in my right foot had a slow start then have had a quick growth spurt i guess there are about 8 of them which are very painful.....but to my dismay the left foot has 2 which have grown very quickly and are already the size of 2 grapes. My brother sought medical help about 8 years ago and was told that people who are active are more prone to getting them and to leave them well alone. Last year I sought medical advice and guess what???? Leave them well alone! My right foot is very painful and reading all the posts can see I am not alone. My brother insists that his lumps on his feet are not as large as they were but to me they still look unsightly and large. So I am sorry I cannot help or recommend any magical cure but only to say to help yourselves by keeping your feet as comfortable as possible!
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    Verapamil cream can only be purchased with a script from a doctor BUT the good news is you can get it made through a compounding pharmacy !!!!! Do not get it on the internet site or a routine pharmacy unless your insurance pays (which is doubtful since it is not FDA approved for plantar fibroma) I paid $30.00 for one jar and it lasts about 6-12 months. Good Luck.
  10. Holy ****! You've really done this? How did you numb the skin before you cut? How much blood is too much blood? You didn't need stitches to close the wound?

    This take DIY medicine to a whole new level. Then again, medical costs are getting out of control.
  11. jack1949x

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    Been following this thread ,with interest. Have two fibromas on left foot. Slowly increasing in size----and, discomfort. Seen two podiatrists ( one very lazy in work up ,the other very focused,,,and ,seemingly interested in this boring case--however, no follow up by him in 6 weeks). Couple of thoughts: any experiences with cryo-surgery???; and, it seems to me (like with most surgical procedures) the more experience with a specific procedure ,the better the success yield (many medical papers on this in various specialities ). Why no study on the verapamil approach,,,,or, steroid use-long term?? So, who are the "known" experts???? This area of medicine (podiatry) seems to not be a robust research specialty. Lacks many guidelines, IMHO. At least compared to my area- EP/cardiology. I need to develop a plan over the next 6 months---given likely slow growth and discomfort advancing to pain issues (given the lack of process and data in this area). Comments and or references , referrals,,, greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    Self removal is NOT a good idea under ANY circumstance. My ultrasound shows my fibroma to be growing in/on and encompassing the ligament in my arch. There is no way a DR can remove the fibroma without removing part of the ligament which would cripple my foot . Dont even consider doing it yourself.
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    I have not been to a doctor yet but for about two weeks I feel a little lump by my left arch and every symptoms and pictures I've seen are exactly describing what I have. I was surprised to learn that the cause for me probably is taking high vitamin C doses. I take 1000mg every day and besides that I eat fruits and raw veggies a lot. I've always swore to taking higher doses of vitamin C. I believe that's the reason for never getting sick, I haven't had even a cold in the past four years. But vitamin C is responsible for producing excess collagen, I believe this is exactly why I have it. Now I stopped taking vitamin C and trying to see what happens. I am really afraid to be unable to walk or this thing will grow out of proportion. It seems like there is no cure and it can make life really hard.
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    I had a medium sized one that I developed after hiking in the wrong footwear for 14 miles on one day and about 6 the next. It was extremely painful. After reading numerous threads and articles on line, I knew that I would not be letting anyone cut into my foot. It is only logical that you will get scar tissue there and the problems will begin again. My podiatrist had me wrap my foot and ordered me special inserts for my sneakers. I am no longer allowed to walk barefoot or wear flip flops and always wear my inserts with my closed shoes and sneakers. I get the most relief while wearing heels since mine is right at my arch. It has slowly reduced in size and doesn't hurt as much. I can't stay on my feet as long as I use to and I still have pain after a long day, but nothing as before. I'm wondering if anyone has tried dansko shoes. Everyone who owns them seems to swear by them.
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  16. Peter1818

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    About six weeks ago, one hour after a short ten minute walk, my foot started to bother me. At night, when I took my sock off, I saw a small bump under the skin which appeared to be bruised. I went to see my family doctor ASAP who told me not to worry about it but sent me to a podiatrist friend of his for other feet problems. Two weeks later I was in the podiatrist's office and almost forgot to tell him about the bump. Well, he took x-rays which were negative and sent me for a MRI which showed plantar fibroma and recommended a biopsy. I would have permitted the biopsy but the podiatrist said that once they cut, they should cut everything out but only when I questioned, was I told that crutches would be needed for three weeks. I replied that this was not an option for me - I walk around on the job and can't be home bound for that long as people are dependent on me. I asked for other options but the podiatrist told me to get another opinion. It appeared to me that he was interested in surgery -that's where the $$ is in, not the $30 dollars he gets from my insurance. I feel that the podiatrist should have recommended some conservative treatment before mentioning surgery.

    Since that visit about a month ago, I have had some pain, a couple of days I just couldn't walk in the morning as the bump was hard. The bump is soft most of the days although some nights it can harden up quite a bit and look like it is bruised. Is this normal that it can harden up and get soft and not look like a bruise?

    After reading the posts, for the past ten days I have tried the Vitamin E along with the vicks (without the heating pad) which was suggested. It was fine until the other night when I used my exercise bike for a couple of minutes (and this was the third time since this problem started in which I used an exercise bike and the bump became hard - note I rarely used this bike but wanted to make up for the lost exercise from not walking).

    I have decided that I need to get this treated by cyrotherapy since I feel this is the best option. I am looking to hear from people who have tried this, both with the pros and cons, their recovery time and how long ago have they done this.

    Thank you.
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    My brother and I both have plantar fibroma so it is absolutely genetic. He has had surgery on both feet and they have come back. He's used the verapamil and cortisone shots, and his advice has been valuable in making my decisions.

    Obviously genetics respond differently to treatments based on the varying answers here; my podiatrist has not had success with cortisone injections and recommended surgery as well. Following my brother's advice I asked her to inject cortisone 1st as it had worked for him and she agreed.....It has been one year and the knot is finally back & painful so I am scheduling an appointment to have it injected again next week.

    But for me the injection shrunk and flattened the knot for almost 12 months and I would have told you in December it was gone. It looks like my treatment is going to be an injection every 10-12 months. Good Luck to everyone......I feel your pain.....
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  18. Peter1818

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    Have you looked into cyrotheraphy and if yes, why haven't you used this approach?
  19. Peter55

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    What is the outcome of putting ice or heat on the arches if someone has plantar fibroma(s)?

    I ask because after reading thru this thread it seems to be what my wife has developed. At this point, it's a fairly new issue perhaps caused from her recent days of working on hard floors lately (and with a genetic disposition to it...I believe her mother has had it in her feet and hands from what she described.)

    Will ice and/or heat have any benefits?
  20. Peter1818

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    Biopsy for small plantar fibroma?

    My doctor suggested that a biopsy be done, not a surgical one (I will not any doctor cut my foot as due to work and other obligations, I can not be on crutches!) but a puncture/needle biopsy to have the tissue examined in order to determine it is a plantar fibroma or just hard tissue.

    Has anyone had this type of biopsy and if yes, was it painful? did you walk out of the doctor's office? how long did it take to recover where there was no pain?

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