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Best treatment for small plantar fibroma?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by lky123, Sep 8, 2010.

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    I have suffered for four years from this. It reached a point where I could no longer walk much less run. Today I had my calf and fibromatosis dry needled. After 6 hours my fibromatosis has reduced by 50% and my pain by at least that much.

    It is only one treatment but for the first time in four years I am walking pain free.

    Ignore everything else on this thread an go find a PT or alternative medicine person and get this done.

    I am speechless at my results.
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    Dry needle in the fibroma on your foot? Also in your calf. I am not sure I follow other than someone sticking a needle in your fibrom lump like they do for trigger point injections to muscles etc.
    I am curious to hear more.
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    Yes. They put four needles into my foot and one all the way through the calf muscle. Then they put stim on the calf and massaged the foot. I had a tear in the calf as well. He told me he has never had one of these he can't beat with this treatment. He did not stim the foot, just the calf.
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    Hello again, its Jim from So Ca....the sand vollyball player.
    I gave up on the soothenol x2. (also vit e and Vicks, heat, ice, acupuncture, etc) Although the soothenol x2 did help with some of the pain and other areas that had some pain. I also heard some bad things on using DMSO. Not good for you???? Who knows for sure?
    Anyway, my Podiatrist order me some Verapamik 15% gel to put on the fibroma 2x daily. It was a special order and not easy to get.
    I called PDLabs as well.... to pick their brain. They say 8 out of 10 people get good results from the gel. Just the opposite from what I read on the forums. They did say that it takes time. months to shrink it. Also to use for 6 to 12 months. Expensive stuff if you don't have the help of insurance. 4 tubes for 12 month supply was $1,300. bucks to my insurance. I only have the co pay.....so I am good.
    I will post later if it works or not. I say it is worth a try.....but couldn't afford if my insurance didn't pay the majority of this Rx.
    Best of luck to all.
  6. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Jim from So Ca checking back in.
    I have been using Verapamil for 8 weeks. It seems to help with the pain a bit but have not seen it shrink. I will stay the course and continue as instructed. FYI, I am not able to use as much as the dose measurement. If I did... I would be rubbing it in forever, so I do my best to rub in a fair amount then wait and do some more. The amount they want used would get all over the place. I also don't have but a pee size fibroma. Hopefully this will still be adequate.
    I still feel the pain when bare foot and if I roll on it or stretch it too much.
    I try to baby it as much as I can.....and yes...still playing sand vball.....although hurts a bit but not as bad as you might think.
    I will check back in after more time with the applications.
    Good luck all.
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    How is the Verapamil working out Jim?
    I hope you have some good news to report!
  8. robertharris750

    robertharris750 New Member

    Soft inner soles are recommended to pad the shoes is recommended. Also it recommended by doctors to remove it surgically.
  9. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Jim from So Ca again....Another up date from using Verapamil since April this year. It seems that I am in less pain but the fibroma is still there. It may be a bit smaller but for sure is still a nice bump on the tendon. Walking barefoot on hard surfaces is still a problem. I am still playing sand volleyball 2 times per week. It seems to be ok with the heat of the sand and if I don't stretch it too much. I do always feel it though.
    I have been using the V gel as regularly as possible and trying to use as much as they suggest. I also try to wrap it in saran wrap at night to keep it on as opposed to having it absorb into my sock, etc. I still cant seem to use the directed amount because it wont absorb and gets messy. I will continue the course and keep folks updated. I still have 2 full tubes left so I guess that's about right for a 12 month Rx.
    I think overall the fibroma is getting a bit better but I would like to be seeing more shrinkage.
    Good luck everyone........and thanks for the comments and replies.
    Jim for So Ca.
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    I have had plantar fibromas for 3 years now. Had them surgically removed 2 1/2 years ago. They came back. Tried Verapamil cream...didn't work at all. Someone mentioned a deep penetrating salve (like what???) and or a magnesium cream (like what???). I take extra calcium vitamins for my bone health. If Verapamil is a calcium blocker, could I be causing my fibromas to get bigger by taking the extra calcium?

    Also someone mentioned stretching. Exactly what kind of stretching are you doing. I'd sure like to know. Thanks. Deb
  11. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Rob from CT - I have had a Fibroma for several years and went on a religous regimen of Verapamil for one year - give it a good chance...luckily my insurance covered it. I followed the directions to the tee and never missed an application except when I was on a plane to somewhere. The last two months I did the plastic wrap to keep it from soaking into my sock or bed sheets. I have had absolutely no noticeable change. I wish I can report positive results. I would like to see the data on the success rate (8 of 10) quoted by PD Labs.....I would like to believe it, but I can't. Recently visited another doctor to talk about cyro surgery because I will not go under the knife. He told me that my fribroma was too large for it to be effective. I think I will try the vitamin E rub with vicks....what do I have to loose?
  12. lisa

    lisa Guest

    My husband has had them twice also in each foot with surgeries and has them back again in less than 2 years from last one! He has been told by a specialist that the next step is to remove the fasciitis on the entire bottom of his feet! His are coming back each time bigger and more tender! Wish there was something to make these stay gone!
  13. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Jim from So Ca....Latest update 8-6-14. I used the verapamil for 1 year.......did NOT work well. Now to be fair, I am better than I was 1 year ago but still have the same size lump and it still causes me pain when bare foot, rub on it etc. Who knows how bad it would be if I didn't use the Verapamil. That being said, I don't think it did much.
    All I do now is keep my fibrom away from rubbing and hard surfaces. Use cushions in sneakers and shoes and slippers. I still play beach vball 2 times a week and it is tender the day after but not as bad as it use to be. I think I just have gotten use to the discomfort.
    Hope this helps and let me know if anything else shrinks the fibroma. I will not consider surgery.
    Thanks and good luck,
  14. jackmice519

    jackmice519 New Member

    How have the results been with the Soothanol X2?
  15. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Soothenol didnt do much....but I did just got back from a follow up Dr apt. It has been over a year since seeing anyone. They said that they are now injecting verapamil directly into the plantar fibroma. It worked for a retired Foot Dr and my guy is going to try it on me? Still very new procedure for Kaiser Permenente.What do you think? He said it is a bit painful but has show good results for the one guy? Anyone heard of the injection of Verapamil. I rubbed it on for a year with little to no positive results as stated in all my updates.
  16. mambojazz

    mambojazz Guest

    WELL . . . I can tell you that the problem you've "self treated" isn't a plantar fibroma. It's a plantar wart that you removed. There are various treatment for these warts, which are caused by a virus and are very common to find on the bottom of your feet (but NOT in the arch or soft part of the bottom of the foot).

    You CANNOT excise a fibroma yourself. PLEASE . . . to readers looking at this post, do NOT attempt to remove a fibroma yourself. The instructions here worked for this individual because what was being treated wasn't a fibroma. It was a wart.

    Be careful when reading these posts, as the writer may be describing something other than what you (or they) think it is.

    Good luck!
  17. mambojazz

    mambojazz New Member

    Caution to readers:

    You cannot excise (cut out) a plantar fibroma yourself. Please be careful when reading these posts, as there is a post by "Ripper" that gives instructions for self-treatment that are dangerous. (I've posted a reply there if you'd like to read it.)

    Conservative treatment and common sense will go a long way . . . .:D
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2015
  18. ashley

    ashley Guest

    What order did you use the Vitamin E, Vicks and heating pad in?
    I am going to try it. Do I just rub the Vitamin E in, later put some Vicks on, and just put the heating pad on it whenever? Please let me know. Thank you!
  19. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I've had plantar fibromas on both feet but i managed to shrink it by massaging the node on my feet, now i only experience the pain once a month or sometimes no pain at all.
  20. Amazing

    Amazing Guest

    I think that post about the person doing self surgery should be excised. It might give some people ideas to attempt this ridiculous feat. (No pun intended)

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