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Best treatment for small plantar fibroma?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by lky123, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Chelsey

    Chelsey Guest

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    well I've been having excruciating foot pain since the summer but only discovered the fibroma three weeks ago, when they did the ultrasound it was discovered that it is 2cm in diameter and 1.75cm in depth... so it is kinda large... I've been taken off work for a week now and realized that even wearing socks hurt!! It feels a little better than working my 12 hour days in emergency, but now I'm faced with the decision of surgery or cortisone shots... the naproxen the doctor has me taking every 12 hours is not doing anything... and he wants me to choose between surgery and shots and I'm really torn... both options are not guaranteed... and my job is hectic 12 hour days in an emergency department... so I need something that will get me back on my feet eventually...
  2. Star

    Star Guest

    Hi I think I have this in both mY feet had a ultrasound today Has anyone experienced burning in the ankles with this.I am so scared and in pain if anyone has experienced this please let me know thanks
  3. debrann0

    debrann0 Guest

  4. debrann0

    debrann0 Guest

    I was diagnosed with the exact same thing; a small fibroma on my planter facia. It is located dead center in the arch. Painful, yes! Dr. prescribed Verapamil gel. Have only used it for a month and the lab where they compound it (PDLabs in Texas) says it will take 3-6 months to see any difference in the size of the fibroma. I apply it 2x a day and a one month supply is $150.00! I also use Young Living essential oils, RC, Valor and wintergreen. They reduce the pain of the plantar fasciitis in both feet almost immediately!!! I will stick with the Verapamil for at east 3 months to see if it reduces the fibroma, but the essential oils are the real pain relievers! Good luck to you and I hope this reply helped. Also, found some fun and awesome shoes that make my feet feel like I am walking on pillows; Algeria's. Zappos sells them on line and they also rate the percentage of arch support per name of the style.
  5. Alec

    Alec Guest

    I have the exact symptoms! I also live in nyc. Do you know who was the doctor you saw?
  6. HaMi

    HaMi Guest

    Hello! i dont know if this forum is still alive but anyways PLS READ THIS!
    Im a 15 years old teenager and last week tuesday after coming home from school I noticed that my left foot hurts and decided to take a look on it and discovered that only this particular spot on my foot's arch hurts.
    I decided to not worry about it but then Wednesday while walking around it started hurting again so after coming home i checked it (touched the painful area) and discovered a lump.
    I searched and searched about what it is and I think it is Plantar Fibromatosis.

    I started researching about what to do and found out that ice, massage and stretching can help so I decided to do some massage on my foot and noticed that it doesn't hurt alot while walking but i do not know if it became smaller or what.

    I do not know what to do,I cant tell my mom about this as It can cause stress to her and stress is a bad thing for her health as she have Lupus.

    Yesterday i couldn't sleep because all i did was to cry because i dont know what to do.

    I read on the net that Orthotics helps but I do not have the money to buy one.

    Im planning to DIY my own,i dont know if that will work but I hope it does.
  7. TheRev

    TheRev Guest

  8. MUS

    MUS Guest

    Don't do it M8! It will come back. You may even scar your tissue or get an infection.
  9. Jean Spella

    Jean Spella Guest

  10. Jean Spella

    Jean Spella Guest

    It sounds like a miracle!
  11. Chris3000

    Chris3000 Guest

    Hi All,

    This has been a very informative thread, with no clear answer besides home surgery, lol. What no Witch Doctor available? I too have a bump on the bottom of my foot, went to my Podiatrist 3 years ago, and he said it's a flared node, and don't worry about it, if it doesn't cause pain. The bump has stayed the same size, but I want to get rid of it (who doesn't, right?) Since this thread has been going on for years, has anyone had radiotherapy?


  12. new grandma

    new grandma Guest

  14. new grandma

    new grandma Guest

    [QUOTE="new grandma, post: 150152"QUOTE]
    You are smart. I'll be more proactive in accomodating the fibroma with footwear, orthotics and your can do attitude. I need to be on my feet. Am using vinegar. Will start stretching. The pain can be bad.
  15. DC talk

    DC talk Guest


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