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Big toe fusion or not

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Lynn H, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Lynn H

    Lynn H New Member

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    Hi, I am 45 and have surgery schedule in 2 weeks. My orthopedic surgeon (specializes in feet) is recommending a hammer toe correction of the 2nd toe which I plan on proceeding with. He is also recommending a MTP fusion for the Big Toe on the same foot. The recommendation is due to a bunion (with minor deformity) however, x-rays indicate an artridic big toe joint with no cartilage left in the joint. I have full range of motion of my big toe and discomfort in the joint (not full blown pain). Since the surgeries can be done simultaneously, the cost and recovery time is reduced compared to having them done separately.
    I am not thrilled and kind of scared to have the fusion done. The big concern of mine is walking up and down hills. I live in a hilly city, without sounding cliche I do have to walk uphill to go to work from where I park in our city. I am also a musician and tap my toes to keep rhythm. And yes I would like to wear my 2” sensible heels, which I have had to give up wearing due to the hammer toe deformity.
    I am contemplating asking the surgeon to correct the bunion and hammertoe without fusing the joint. I know this path may require surgery a couple years down the road to ultimately fuse the big toe joint.
    Has anyone decided to correct the bunion and not fuse the joint? What was/is your experience with your decision? Any regrets?
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    There are other options, such as a 'spacer' in the joint that does allow motion. Did the surgeon discuss that with you?
  3. Lynn H

    Lynn H New Member

    I meet with my surgeon again tomorrow to see what other option I have because I am hesitant to havevthe fusion.

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