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Big Toe Fusion SUCCESS!

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by sas843, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. sas843

    sas843 New Member

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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm writing to let everyone know how pleased I am with the big toe fusion I had four months ago (March 2011). I am 63 years old. I am now able to walk w/o pain. I had a severely arthritic toe joint that had gotten progressively worse and more painful over the years. I am walking now for exercise, over a mile a day. I can now wear shoes I couldn't wear before - not HIGH heels, but 1-inch heels.
    The recovery from this surgery does take patience, as I needed to be non-weight bearing for six weeks, and then there is a fairly long recovery period after the cast comes off, as the tendons that have been immobilized heal. But for me it was well worth it!
    For anyone who is considering this surgery and is afraid, I would say go for it! My surgeon was a podiatric surgeon with Kaiser (in California) and he knew what he was doing. From what he told me, this surgery is still the gold standard for hallux rigidus. (Joint replacement surgeries have not yet been perfected and haven't had good results, according to my surgeon.)
    I wish good foot health to everyone!:)
  2. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I had a big toe fusion on my right great toe in February and have never been in more pain. I always have pain, sometimes excruciating. I fear walking any distance. I take pain medication but I don't like it--sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The doctor says the bone is not fusing as fast as it should. He had my buy a bone growth stimulator--what a joke! It even hurts to use that. I am an avid golfer, 61 years old. I have not played since Christmas. I swim laps every day, and that causes pain. As the day goes on, it gets worse. I feel like my life is ruined. I do not wish this on my worst enemy.
  3. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I am 41 and just had my rt big toe fused and a hammer toe fixed(fused as well). I am 3 wks into recovery and doing well but horrified at the same time. I don't feel like I had any other option but to fuse joints as my ortho said this was the best option. I like to be active and have a 5 year old daughter I want to enjoy. You would think with technology, they could have invented a joint replacement that was effective. I got 3 different opinions before electing for surgery and all three agreed fusion was my best option. I just want to be active again pain free!
  4. Dana

    Dana Guest

    I think you made the right decision I'm 6 weeks post op and no pain. I'm very active and this is the operation my sports med doc went with since joint replacements don't work
  5. Sally May

    Sally May Guest

    12 weeks post op greater toe fusion. Still continue with pain, swelling and diffcult with shoes as end of the doesn't extend. Any suggestions.
  6. Jonny

    Jonny Guest

    I am 2 weeks post fusion it has not been too bad awaiting x rays. I am now panicking about what I will be able to do down the line I have always been very active and I am worried this will change.
    Has anyone got any tales of how active they are post fusion to put my mind at rest.

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