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Big Toe Fusion

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Vivian Moore, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. Vivian Moore

    Vivian Moore New Member

    I had a fusion done on my big toe over 8 years. Well since then my toe has been a disaster. I was told that with getting the fusion done that my toe wouldn't bend and it would relieve the pain. There were also screws placed in my toe. Well after the surgery and six-eight weeks later the screws were removed. My foot seemed fine but as the years went by, something just wasn't right. I can't seem to get any shoe on my right foot, my foot doesn't even go down in a shoe. I decided to go back to the new podiatrist, and I was informed that my foot was damaged and that the procedure was not done properly. I was also told that the screws were not to be removed and now I have movement in my toe. So now I am told that I have to have surgery to correct it. No, this should have been done correctly the first time. If I have the surgery, I want my toe to be able to bend and for me to get a shoe back on my foot. So, well my new doctors that is not going to happen. So this surgery is defeating the purpose. I want to know can a fusion be reversed. This is ridiculous.

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