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black dot on big toe

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Kimberly1evans

    Kimberly1evans New Member

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    Are you sure it isn't a bruise?
  2. Karin Geyer

    Karin Geyer Guest

  3. Babymama

    Babymama Guest

  4. Babymama

    Babymama Guest

    im not sure if this will be seen. But this is for the smart ass Docter (Mr. Know it all) I just noticed the same tiny black dot on the top of my right baby toe, I'd say since yesterday & I was diagnosed with a nail fungus about 14 months ago while pregnant. & just recently before this passed spring I got it tested & it came back negative. I still think I have it, because the toe that just got the back dot on is still thick & yellow (but again it was tested & was negative) did I forget to mention; I'm only 19 years old?!!
  5. Meldose

    Meldose Guest

  6. Meldose

    Meldose Guest

    the 'Foot Doc' was trying to say it's impossible to actually diagnose the "toe issue" here, but rather you should go to your doctor and get it checked a.s.a.p . No one situation is going to be the same and while asking for others to comment on your personal issue, in the end it is best to have it checked and it would be beneficial to see a good dermatologist. As a melanoma survivor that is the first thing I think of. Take care of you!
  7. Greg Hodge

    Greg Hodge Guest

    I agree the Dr(s) are jerks, and on this site they arrive in pairs! Black list this site and go back to the search engine my friends! I too had the same condition and wanted to know more about it. I found several sites where real, usable info was provided with a respectable attitude. To the alleged MD's, lose the god complex you will make life better for those that must endure your insults.
  8. Dano Matson

    Dano Matson Guest

    I discovered blackened areas on three toes. My big toe and the two next to it. The big toe had the largest blackened area.

    Went to a Podiatrist who cleaned the three areas with a scalpel. Had an X-Ray taken of the foot. It indicated the tip bone of the big toe was infected. The next bone in also showed signs of infection.

    Strongly suggested to have the toe removed, that's what I'm facing now.

    I had been taking Invokana to help treat type 2 diabetes. Not taking it anymore. I had read that these types of drugs can result in amputations.

    Wondering if anyone else had a similar experience with tips of the toes darkening and was taking a similar drug.

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