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Broken foot 4 months ago

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Una, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Una

    Una Guest

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    Hi everyone, I broke my foot(5th metatarsal) 4 or so months ago. When I went to the hospital they put me in a cast for 4 weeks, and I ended up goig back after two weeks as the heel Of the cast has not set properly. When I went back they have me an air cast ( big gray boot) once I got the air cast the told me I could just walk out using it! So after 2 weeks I was walking in the boot with one bad broken foot. When I went back after 6 weeks (total of 8 altogether) the doctor in the fracture clinic told me to take the boot off, I took I off and then he told me I was ready to go! Should I have gotten another x ray? In the 8 weeks I only got one initial x ray to say it was broken!

    Anyway 4 months on my foot still has a lump where the bone was broken! Also sometimes the lump is red, also if you touch it the bone moves in and out! I am really concerned and am Wondering whether it the bone has set wrong ? Or if in just fussing about nothing.
    Any responses are helpful thank you
  2. VickieAnn

    VickieAnn New Member

    I can not figure out how anyone would know your fracture was healed without an xray. None of this sounds normal to me. I know my orthopedic surg released me on Sept 1, but if I continue to have the discomfort that I have now I will go back the first of Oct and have him re xray. I would get a second opinion.
  3. Una

    Una Guest

    Thanks I've been thinking it was strange for months now! Glad you agree lol think im gonna go to my doctor get his opinion and hopefully he'll send me for an x ray! Becaus I'm doubtful about this foot :L

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