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bump on bottom of foot

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, Sep 25, 2010.

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    My 10 year old son has a bump on the bottom of his foot about midway and near the outside of the sole. The bump looks like blister because it has a clear head on it but the blister itself is very tough like a callous and the area around the head is swollen and extremely painful. In fact the blister looks a little like a wart; however, I don't think the bump is either one of these things.

    I pierced the head with a pin and squeezed it quickly but only a little liquid and a dab of blood came out. I noticed that all around the blister looking thing that the skin was really tough and seemed a bit swollen. The pain was excruciating for my son and he was in tears from it.

    My son said he noticed it a few days ago but just told me about it before he went to bed last night or about 9pm. Now it's after 3am and he's awake and his foot hurts really bad. Any suggestions. I'm taking him in to the doctor in a few hours.

    Just a note, I think the bump is identical to this poster's bump: "My 13 year old son came to me about a week ago with a small hard bump in the center of the bottom of his foot, I thought it was a wart and was going to get freeze off. It has now become much larger( the size of a pea) is very very painful. He will not let me touch it and is red all around the lump. The lump is almost blister like, hard, white-yelowish color. What is it? How do I fix it? Please help, thank you."
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  2. Unregistered

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    This totally sounds just like what my daughter showed me tonight. What did it end up being? We are leaving for vacation tomorrow, should I take her to urgent care or can it wait?

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