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Bump on toe with clear gel like fluid

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, Aug 10, 2008.

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    Hello everyone, what I put down here works for me and I hope it works for all of you.

    I had that myxoid cyst on my right big toe for 1.5 years. When I poped it, a thick clear gel fluid came out. I had visited a specialist for it and he told me I need to have an operation to remove it but there is a chance that it will come back. And because of that, I decided not to have the operation. Instead, I decided to try some medication myself. And today, my myxoid cyst is gone. I tried many different ways and finally I find a way to cure that cyst.

    What I used is nothing special. It is 5% Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. I soak that cyst with the Apple Cider Vinegar using a cotton ball and a bandage. I left the bandage on all day long. It was very painful. I removed the bandage at night so I can sleep. Within 3 weeks, the cyst was gone. No more gel fluid. From time to time, I still use Apple Cider Vinegar to soak my big toe during the day to make sure that cyst won't come back. So far so good.

    If you try it, please post your result. I really hope that it will work for all of you. I know how painful it is when the cyst is filled with the gel fluid.
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  3. Shari@b6130

    Shari@b6130 Guest

    The mucoid cyst can occur due to trauma to the joint or even from a ganglion cyst. Synovial fluid responds to the trauma and has no where to go, so usually, it finds a joint space, and rises up to the surface to create the blister like bump
  4. Gtasafan

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  5. Stephane

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  7. Did u happen to find out the reason orbcause. Almost every year i get an unbearable itching on top/btween several toes and have hige blisters form on bottom and side of toes. I try pop them but they just come back.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I was the guest who used Apple Cider Vinegar. My cyst is now gone and hasn't come back. I can't use words to describe how happy I am. Good luck all.
  9. Calle

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  10. dave

    dave Guest

    I have had a thick clear gel that feels very slick and slippery and when it gets wet it breaks down and gets even more slippery ..it is odorless and tasteless....ya you heard me....I think it is the man made synovial fluid they injected into my knee and my body is slowly purging it out ..... ill bet you 10 to 1 other folks have had injections like these done as well that have this phenom... this is really minor...I'm just dealing with it myself .. I only wish I could analyze it to find out exactly what it is..??
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  13. Richard Bennett

    Richard Bennett New Member

    I read somewhere else about the virtues of the apple cider vinegar. Having read your success I'm going to give it a go on my 12 month old cyst. Having just moved to cider making area in France there should be plenty readily available. Perhaps I might have the odd cider as a back treatment, medicinal purposes only of coarse!
  14. Mic

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    I have that small 'blister' at the base of my pinky finger. Has been a 'constant' for about 2 years. I have to lance it and squeeze the gel type liquid from it. It's almost 'sticky'. It seals over almost immediately and begins reforming. It HAS caused my fingernail to have a 'dent' the entire length.
  15. Ruby Matsui

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