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Bunion surgury

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by jolie, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. jolie

    jolie Guest

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    I have bunions on both feet. My feel do not hurt alot but I had to go to very large wide shoes to relieve the pressure. My feet are basically pretty flat barely an arch at all)I have long toes and my second toe is at least an eighth of an inch longer than the big toes. I have been a letter carrier for 24 years walking 3 to 6 miles a day on pavement and standing 3 to five hoiurs a day on linoleum. the bunions were not noticeable until the last month or so but now I am contemplating surgury while padding the toes. will it help, are there different kinds of surgury and what are they?
  2. FootDoc

    FootDoc New Member

    If you have a bunion deformity a successful bunion surgery should be able to fix it, but no surgery for anything is ALWAYS successful. There are many, many procedures (too numerous to mention) for correction of bunion deformities. Which general type and which specific surgery is most appropriate for any individual situation is determined by which addresses the particular pathologic features of the bunion under consideration

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