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Burning feet

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by JIMMYK, Mar 20, 2012.


    JIMMYK New Member

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    Hello, I am a male in my late 40's, my feet have been burning for approx 3 years or so. It started out with a sensation in my 1 big toe like my sock was bunching up at the tip of my sneaker but it wasnt so I bought new sneakers but still had this sensation. No pain/burning at this time, juts a sensation of numbness in the tip of my big toe. Its hard to remember the progression from there but long story short it spread to both feet and slowly pain and burning started along with a numbness sensation in the toes. To date I never experienced the tingling/pins and needles that I have read about. The burning/aching/pain seems to be located from the arch up to the toes. I dont seem to have issues from the arch to the heel. Also no issued on the top of my foot except near the toes and the toes themselves. so its not the entire foot and has not progressed any further in the past 3 years. My family doctor did some tests ie: touching certain areas of the foot and toes, he asked me if I could feel him touching the areas and I said yes so he felt it wasn't the traditional neuropathy even though I was experiencing numbness/burning/pain. I then went to a foot doctor, he said he did not think the problem was my feet, it may be an underlying issue, maybe in my spine that was causing both feet to have this burning/aching/pain symptoms in my feet. I went to an acupuncture Dr for a few weeks, 3 times a week and no help. I went to a Neurologist, she did like an hour exam and she said I do not have the traditional neuropathy because I passes all the tests she did. She order a bunch of blood tests and all came back good. She ordered an MRI which did show a bulging disc in my lower back between my L4-L5(I think, will look that up). That was it, no follow up. I also went to a chiropractor, no change. So, it seems like nobody can give me an answer. I've got more info doing my own research that all the doctors put together but still looking for answers for treatment and exactly what I have. 2 things that I found were Small fiber neuropathy and Burning feet syndrome. The one thing about this aall is after waking up my feet become cool to the touch and in most cases don't hurt, almost like there normal and I can put my sneakers on with very little discomfort. The burning/pain level is a 1-2 out of 10 - This last for a few hours in the morning, but slowly changes as the afternoon comes and becomes more painful as the day wears on and worsens into the night. This happens ever day. Why do my feet feel cool/cold to the tough every morning and have little discomfort but hurt in the afternoon/night every day? Also, my feet look good in the morning, they are a nice milkiy white skin color and look young, but as the day goes on they get an older look, redish in color and sometimes change several times during the day/night. They are also dry.

    I need to find answers because this burning pain is really disrupting my life especially in the afternoon and night. I rarely go out because it just hurts to much. I do some work from home to make extra money. I would never be able to put shoes on and work 8 hours. I put my feet in ice water a few seconds through the day, mostly at night to kill the burning pain. I want my life back, I want to be able to go out in the evening without dealing with this pain.
  2. Windbreaker

    Windbreaker New Member

    I have gone through the same problem you are having and found all the doctors to be of little help. It's probably the disk but the fix may be worse than the problem. Here is what I did to releive the problem. I purchased a pair of New Balance shoes #MR1123. These shoes have a Last2 which is a larger distance from the sole to the top of the shoe than normal. This allows you to put inserts in the shoe. Get the 6E width, even if you don't have a wide foot, to allow a lot of room for your foot. Order a pair of Pedors Inserts from www.pedors.com. These will provide a very comfortable base for the bottom of your foot to replace the inserts that come with the shoe. Do not lace the shoe tight. In fact, lace it loose. This will protect the top of your foot. Change the shoes every year and chance the inserts every month. You can order a 3 pack from Pedors. I put "Neuragen" on my feet before bedtime.`You can order it from www.neuragen.com. I also take a nutrient called "Nerve Support Formula". I order these from www.neuragen.com. The pills are basically vitamin B-12. A lack of B-12 can cause your problem and your body will expell what you don't need in your urine. I also wear diabetic socks that I order from www.footsmart.com. These will stretch and won't be tight on your feet and also provide a lot of cushion. Now, after you have done all of this, be patient. I had exactly the same symptoms that you have and after a lot of experimenting, I have relieved most of my pain. You can email me at anytime if you have any questions. Windbreaker0242@aol.com. Best of luck and I just bet you can lick this problem.

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