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can not walk after 12 months of rolling my right foot

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by jen, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. jen

    jen New Member

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    12 months ago getting off a bus I rolled my right foot and leg inwards. I then was put on a crutch and had taping done for 8 months with 1 physio. I got worse that I could not walk with the crutch I had 3 falls. I then had seen 2 different physios who told me I had a stiff ankle and they couldn't move my ankle in the dorsiflex position or even make it go in circles.
    I finally had a MRI which showed no tendon or ligament damage just that I had thick lining n my archilles tendon and a high arch
    Just started to see a massage therapist and after 3 sessions I have a little movement but I can not balance and I can not walk unaided I constantly need help
    I am getting annoyed and frustrated that I still am like this 12 months later
    The massage therapist is releasing all the knots and pain I have in my hips and lower back
    Went and saw a orthopaedic surgeon and he said CRPS but I am not in constant pain everything is stiff
    My doctor wants me to take nerve medication which has a lot of side effects and also to see a pain specialist
    So if anyone can help or suggest anything
    I even bought a walker to see if that helps me to walk but it has made me worse and I tried to use walking sticks but cant because I lose my balance
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Active Member

    If it is CRPS, then see the pain specialist and take the meds. CRPS is complex and difficult to manage.
  3. Kurt

    Kurt Guest

    I have been to physical therapy and they dont think it CRPS. The pain is manageable when I take the Gabapentin. The real issue is the redness/burning pain when I stand. And the fact my foot will not naturally allow me to lay it flat on the ground. Thus I walk on side of my foot.
  4. Kurt

    Kurt Guest

    Wrong post sorry

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