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Capsulitis or Gout

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by jinboliow, Jan 20, 2021.

  1. jinboliow

    jinboliow New Member

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    Hi guys

    I recently get these intense pain that radiates from the joint of my 2nd toe.
    The pain(at the bottom of my feet) is usually when I am applying pressure on it when I am walking or when I flex the toe. Other than it, it just kind of radiates some uncomfortable sensation.

    Couple months ago when I had my first episode, I visited my General Practitioner and I asked if it is gout, as I have borderline high uric acid. he told me that it does not seem like gout - considering the location of the pain and how the pain "comes on" - considering that gout hurts whether you touch it or not. I had an x-ray done to eliminate risks of fractures too.

    So that went on for a couple of weeks, I went for acupuncture which helped too.
    Now, I am having my 2nd attack, but on the other leg. I went to do some reading and capsulitis does seem to fit the pain that I am in. The same GP told me it is likely that it is gout, considering there is a lack of impact which it happens both times.
    The thing is I do have some pain prior to that along the metatarsal area - which I am not sure if it is caused by ill fitting/shoes too flat.

    The pain from the first episode for a good 3-4 days with the swelling only completely gone after a couple of weeks. It also comes on quick by the pain goes away slow, kind of like a sprain.
    I just want to check if anybody with capsulitis or gout here is able to share their experience?
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    It could be gout, but more likely a plantar plate tear/dysfunction.
  3. jinboliow

    jinboliow New Member

    Hi Craig
    Thank for the reply.

    The pain has gotten much less intense but the calf on my affected leg has gotten really sore & tight. Not sure if there is any link to the feet.
    I am seeing a specialist next week and I hope to get some more details then.

    For plantar plate dysfunction, is there usually a trigger? and is it common to have them on both feet?

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