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Could someone tell me what my physiotherapist is saying here

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by randomlight, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. randomlight

    randomlight New Member

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    Could someone tell me what my physiotherapist is saying here, I can not contact her anymore and never did understand this diagnosis. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (the links to her letter are below)
  2. randomlight

    randomlight New Member

    thought I would add that I am not interested so much about the suggestions on the second page, just the diagnosis on the first page. Again thanks for any help on this .
  3. Foot Doc

    Foot Doc Guest

    First of all, in my opinion this was a rather unprofessional way to communicate with a referring doctor. Secondly, where I come from, patients are sent to a PT WITH a diagnosis, not for a diagnosis to be made. The function of the PT is to work with the supplied diagnosis, generally to both mobilize the part and decrease pain. She is relating finding, not necessarily a diagnosis. It seems to me that what she is saying is that you have:

    1. decreased dorsiflectory range of motion in your great toes (hallux limitus), more pronounced on the left than the right foot

    2. decreased mid-foot pronation and decreased weight transfer over mid-foot left foot greater than right

    3. plantar-flexed 1st metatarsal

    4. collapsed metatarsal arch (there is no such thing)

    5. Short Achilles tendon (heel cord)

    I do not know what the twice-used word that I read as "glide" is intended to relate.

    Why don't you contact the doctor who referred you for an explanation of the note he/she received from the PT?

  4. randomlight

    randomlight New Member

    Thanks for the explanation, I am quite far from my podiatrist and its hard to get an appointment. I think your explanation may suffice thanks again

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