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Cuboid Syndrome

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Admin, Nov 25, 2009.

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    Cuboid syndrome is a problem on the outside of the foot where the cuboid bone is alleged 'subluxed' in relationship to the bone around it. This subluxation is caused by the pull of the peroneus longus tendon which uses the cuboid as a pulley. If the cuboid is not fixed firmly in place, then it can be 'moved' or 'subluxed'. This results in pain on the outside of the foot.

    Treatment is aimed at 'putting the cuboid back in place' with the use of manipulation and strapping/ Long term foot orthotics are often needed to help stablize the cubiod to prevent the problem.

    For more on cuboid manipulation, see Podiatry Online TV and for the latest research, see cuboid syndrome on Podiatry Arena.
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