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Desperate for help. (Both heel’s aching)

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Christian Demczuk, Oct 2, 2022.

  1. Christian Demczuk

    Christian Demczuk New Member

    So for a long time I was using a standing desk and only doing around 1000 steps a day, I ended up getting stabbing pains in my left heel for months and tingling in that foot. Went to multiple doctors, had Mri’s done with nothing major appearing, plantar fascia was even fine. I then wore lightfeet arch support insoles to help the stabbing pain that went away, and after 2/3 months of wearing the insoles i’ve taken them out.

    Since the insoles have been out (roughly same time this started happening), Every pair of shoe I wear now (Brooks Glycerin 20, Ultraboost 22, Adidas NMD, Dunlop volleys etc) I get aching after walking/standing/running for a while in both of my inner heels on the inner side of my foot (abductor hallicus area). I also get a painless buzzing/spasming in my left achilles. I’ve stared walking a lot more (4000+) steps a day for the last few weeks could this be from an increase in sudden activity? Or just my foot is super weak from wearing the insoles for that long, I don’t have flat feet either. Just weird that shoes i even use to wear with no pain give me these aches now.

    ANY feedback is appreciated i’ve been to podiatrists, doctors, I feel like giving up.

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