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Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    About year ago, i've had an injury of my left big toe (dislocation of phalangeal joint),which resulted in post-trauma period,the fact that my big toe inter-phalangeal joint has no motion or practically no movement at all,with calluses on both sides of big toe!

    First big toe joint has full movement and hasn't been injured at all! The doctors have not, what so ever done the inter -phalangeal joint repositioning,even the joint was partially dislocated after trauma,which x-ray clearly shows,even though i told them that i can't move or bend my big toe at all!

    Im reffering to the diagnosis in latin: ST.POST DISTORSIONEM ART. INTERPHALANGEALIS HALLUCIS SIN.

    My question: Is it possible for me to regain full motion of my left big toe inter-phalangeal joint with joint replacement surgery,and silicone or any other type of implant,for inter-phalangeal big toe joint?

    Is there any clinic in Europe,that is available and capable to do such procedures.?

    Is there any implant on market especially made for Arthoplasty of inter phalangeal joint on big toe?

    Wouldn't be different if the doctors have done the joint repositioning on time,right after when the injury occurred,with an x-ray showing clear subluxation,and when i told them that my big toe has no motion,or my big toe joint will be anyways static,motionless,even if they fixed it,by repositioning it ?
    Can some foot & ankle specialist answer on my questions,please?

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