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discolored toes after corn removal

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by unregistered, Jul 16, 2008.

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    Hi I am 14 and I have 3 corns I think on my toes, they have been there for years after a tight shoes incident 2 years ago. I am very insecure about my feet and wish I could wear sandals or heels like all my other friends. I have tried the dr scholls corn remover my corn will turn white and I normally peel off the white skin, and then it just turns into a red circle ish thing on my toes. My skin still feels hard and my toes have 3 red circles where the forms are I am not sure what to do it looks worse than what I have started with. I have searched for countless remedies. Mind you I have a medium to light skin tone. (Hispanic/Causaian) I am going to place one of the ‘corn’ aftermath another round of dr scholls and follow up with the aloe Vera, potato, black walnut hill powder, and maybe some ACV, please help.
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    This is my left and right foot ... Sorry about the left over nail polish lol but so far my skin color is coming back ... the top two things I’ve been using were kojic acid soap to even skin tone ... I use a scrubbing glove and rub the soap on while scrubbing my toes for a bout two mins then I rub some nadinola skin discoloration fade cream and let it completely dry on my feet before putting on socks. I make sure I use corn cushions to prevent the surface from rubbing against my shoes. I’ll repost again in a month to show results
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