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Dropped metatarsal + Mortons toe diagnosis/treatment

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by G-RaCeR, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. G-RaCeR

    G-RaCeR Guest

    Hi there, I am a 17 year old female runner with foot problems!
    A couple of months ago I had forefoot pain that I fixed by seeing my physio and getting a metatarsal pad. I then gradually stopped using the pad and developed pain in my big toe and was diagnosed with hallux limitus. As I have Mortons toe I googled this and found it could be fixed by placing a pad under the big toe joint, it worked and the pain went away.
    However if I stop wearing this pad for a couple of days the pain in my big toe comes back and the problem is now the pain in my forefoot has also come back. I have tried wearing the toe pad and metatarsal pad at the same time but it doesn't work -I think because they both negate the effects of each other by both lifting up either side of the foot I have also tried the metatarsal pad on its own but doesn't seem to have much affect either.
    On examination of my foot I can see I have atleast one dropped metatarsal (the head doesn't show on the 3rd metatarsal and is less prominent in the 4th) I have been placing the pad behind the metatarsal heads as advised but I was wondering why it wouldn't be better to place the pad directly under them to push them up if they have dropped?
    The pain in worse when walking but is also there at rest and sometimes spread to the 5th metatarsal.

    Please if someone could help advise me what to do it would be much appreciated.

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