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Expected Recovery time from 3 Procedures Foot

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by RedwoodsMama, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. RedwoodsMama

    RedwoodsMama New Member

    Hi, I couldn't get any real answers from my questions before my surgery but now that I had the surgery, thought I would ask for advice on possible recovery time. I had a severe pain in my right foot for over a month that after three weeks ended me seeking help at the ER. I was diagnosed with a loosened screw in right foot from previous foot surgery and resulting very high blood pressure from the pain.( the ER thought I may have had a blood clot but ultrasound ruled that out.)

    I saw my foot dr. again, who has done five other procedures on this same foot since 2007. Cortisone shots did nothing for the pain in foot, and a return visit three weeks later revealed a bony growth under big toe which had been fused prior. It was decided I did need surgery and the loose screw would come out as well as other hardware and tailors bunion that had come back would be worked on at same time.

    April 3rd, I had surgery and was given General anesthesia. do not remember a thing! This is what they did to me and I am wondering how long my recovery will likely be..First they removed the prior hardware, a plate using the same incision used for fusion and they closed me up , next going to the big toe where " an incision was made distally in the hallax where a 3.0 cannulated screw was removed, incision closed". Next they went to thebottom of my big toe; " The exotosis was present on the plantar aspect of the hallux. A separate incision was made, dissection was deepened. the bone was exposed using a rasp and power bone saw. The exotosis was resected and smoothed, flushed and closed.

    Last, they made a final incision over the fifth metatarsal. Dissection was deepened to the joint capsule. A capsulotomy was performed exposing the enlarged fifth metatarsal head with enlarged plantar and lateral condyle. Using a power bone saw and rasp the bones were debrided and smoothed. It was flushed copiously and closed in layers" etc, etc. so I have four incisions and about 15 stitches that are visible.

    My foot was bandaged and wrapped, placed in a walking boot. My foot looks better than I thought it would but still swollen and the top where they took out the plate and four screws has minimal pain. The big toe with two different incisions is partly numb, very swollen and hurts. The Fifth metatarsal has the most pain, very tender. I am wondering what it the typical recovery for these things given together. I will be 65 in May so do not want to return to work till I know I am able to do my job. I am a preschool teacher and right now the kids would be running circles around me...LOL...............
    I asked my dr. what was the possibility of my foot having more problems, and he couldn't really say, I had my big toe fractures and dislocated in 2013 while the plate and screws were in and after it healed, the screws and plate were repositioned, but I also had my tailors bunion fixed on same foot, so it came back again not quite five years later.........is this pretty common, wondering if it could come back again..

    Thanks for any input.

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