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Failed Cheilectomy

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Krista, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. Krista

    Krista New Member

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    I had a Cheilectomy of my Right Great toe due to Hallux Rigidus due to OA, 1 year ago. After my 2nd post-op appt (6 weeks) I was still in significant pain and couldn't walk. I was told that the surgery is only 80% successful and I fell into the 20%....so it didn't work. Seems as though the doctor based that solely on the fact that I was still in significant pain.

    I was never told in any way, that I needed to do physio. I found out by searching these forums and looked into it starting at 6 weeks. Went to 3 physiotherapists and non said that they could really help me much.
    I have pain in both joints (MTP & IP) of the great toe. Nothing helps relieve the pain. It doesn't hurt as much in the morning, and the more I walk the more it hurts.
    I had full ROM before the surgery but a lot of pain. Now I have a lot more pain, and almost no ROM in the MTP. ROM in the IP seems good. Pain in both of these 2 joints.
    Post op xray report says OA is acute.

    I'm starting to realize that I should have done more physio, but after being told it didn't work and the post op x-rays showed my MTP joint bones touching (unlike before the surgery) I lost hope in physio helping at all.
    It's now 1 year post op and while it's better than it was, it's remained the same for the last 4-5 months.
    I'm wondering if my toe still hurts because I didn't do any physio, or if it's because the surgery actually failed? Is there's any physio that would help me at this point? Is it too late? Is it possible that ALL the pain is due to not doing physio?

    I haven't been able to find a physiotherapist that has any experience with this type of issue.
    I am looking to have a Cartiva surgery done on the MTP joint, but am now wondering if just physio will be what I need?
    Any help appreciated.
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  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    Have you tried rocker sole shoes?
  3. Krista

    Krista New Member

    I have tried rockers. They are too painful. Anything that makes my toe flex up at all is very painful.
    Anything that isn't flat and we'll cushioned is all I've been able to wear.
    I know this goes against most others but since my surgery failed, I've been finding my situation unique. Lucky me
    My arthritis is on the top of the joint and now that there is no space at all in the joint since th surgery the bones constantly rub and are therefor constantly painful.
  4. Joy

    Joy New Member

    I also had a bi lateral chielectomy one year ago and want to warn people that not all operations are sucessful and would suggest that you do more research. In NZ I needed to pay for this operation and although I have a little less pain, I am still not able to walk any significant distance and my work is ( standing to do my job) is only just bearable for 3 hours a day and I need to have some time sitting in that time. I have since done more research and think that instead of achielectomy an op where the joint no longer moves wouldbe less painful. I am now too scared to go and have another go and I can't afford it either as I don't have health insurance and public health won't do it. Just wanting to let others know that its not all great after a chielectomy. I am still wearing my rocker soles and they certainly help me.
  5. Krista

    Krista New Member

    Hi Joy,
    I'm going to have a Cartiva surgery for my acute OA of my Great Toe. I am in Canada (Toronto) but need to go to Vancouver for this.
    It's a synthetic cartilage replacement. A 5yr study was just published last year that compared it to fusion. It's extremely more desirable for more active and younger people. ROM is increased and pain is removed.
    I will post update as I can. Not having the surgery until approximately the end of Mar 2017. No date yet.
  6. I had cartiva March 1, 2017 for a similar problem. Failed chiliectomy 6 years ago resulting in increased pain and reduced ROM. Bone on bone rubbing. It seems that while I am still recovering, 7 weeks post op, I am cured. It is a miracle to me not to have the arthritic pain in my joint anymore. Have the cartiva done. It is your best hope at living pain free. I have post op soft tissue pain as I type this but that is from the surgery.
  7. Paula

    Paula Guest

    Hi. I also have a failed chiliectomy. I was told they cannot do a cartilage on that as there may not be enough bone left

    Can you tell me more about your situation?
  9. I had the Cartiva surgery 8 1/2 weeks ago. From the beginning when I bend or sometimes even move my foot the toe has clicks in it. My doctor can’t explain why. It’s annoying and painful when I continually bend and stretch the area. Can’t find anyone else with this going on. Anybody out there with the same symptoms?
  10. Lois Gabriel

    Lois Gabriel Guest

  11. Same Pain

    Same Pain Guest

    I just had it done in Dec, 2017. Everything looked good on the post op x-rays. Now at 6 weeks from surgery there is no noticeable space and my toe grinds bone on bone when I move it. Had sever pain before surgery and had trouble walking, Still have some discomfort, but have not been walking as much as I will have to once returning to work doing construction. Just worried I am going to have this redone. Doctor said to try
  12. Same Pain

    Same Pain Guest

    Dr said to try and see if it is tolerable be for we try something else to fix it. Don't know how long to wait before doing something else.
  13. Amanda

    Amanda Guest

  14. Amanda

    Amanda Guest

    I had a chielectomy 5 months ago in April 2018. I had minor oa bone spur on top of the joint and all footwear rubbing on top of the joint was painful. I really wished I hadn’t had the surgery. Now all walking is painful - even minus any footwear. My foot clicks when I walk.. it feels like it’s coming from half way along the top of my foot. I’ve worn flat open toed sandals since April but now we are moving into winter I don’t think there’s a shoe I can wear! Walking any distance is daunting.. dancing and heels are off the agenda completely and I am really fed up. I wasn’t told to do exercises. I was told it he was pleased with the flex in my toe and that it would be swollen for up to a year so I guess I have to wait until April before having clearance to moan.
  15. Dale

    Dale Guest

    Having same issues and have now irritating opposite knee due to favouring book, was told I wouldn’t need physiotherapist but starting to doubt that. Pain is worst since surgery

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