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Failed chiellectomy

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Sue25, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Sue25

    Sue25 New Member

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    I had bilateral cheilectomies 10 weeks ago. I had moderate hallux rigidus and had difficulty wearing any shoes since I had the bump on top of both feet and no toes extension. I was able to walk, work, garden, bike and swim prior to my surgery. I went to an experienced foot orthopedist in ct for my surgery. My left foot failed. I am still in post op shoes and can barely walk. I can no longer do any recreational activities, and can't wear shoes. I did go for P T at 3 weeks and as soon as I tried to move my left foot my troubles started. I went for a second opinion last week and was told that the reason my surgery may have failed was a large spur over hanging my joint was left behind. Also the dr created a 1/4 inch step off in my joint instead of a smooth transition. Of course this surgery may have failed anyway. My foot had almost self fused prior to surgery which had allowed me to walk and function. I had a large amount of swelling on my X-ray last week.I had a steroid injection into the joint that did not help. Of course I wish I never had this surgery because it has significantly changed my life. It has impacted my ability to do anything. I can no longer walk stairs or go to the grocery store. I did purchase a kneeling scooter to try to get around. My next option is a fusion which I may need to do sooner rather than later to try to get my life back. 2nd dr told me to have steel put in the bottom of my shoe and to not move my foot. I could hope for self fusion. I do not want a 2nd failed surgery so I am looking for the best podiatrist or board certified foot surgeon in th ct/ny area. Does any one have any recommendations. Thanks for any advise. I have almost no joint space so fusion or joint replacement would be the only option.
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  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    All I can suggest you do is get a second surgical opinion. Hard to say much more with seeing it and imaging
  3. Rosesrred4136

    Rosesrred4136 New Member

    HI Sue,
    10 weeks seems very short time to want to do every thing you want to do. I had mine done almost 8 weeks ago in Mass and I'm still quite sore. I had a very bad fall almost 10 months ago and I had a lot of trauma. I had post traumatic arthritis and a bone spur. I just got in a very wide sneaker, also. I think you are pushing it. My doc told me full recovery is 3 to 6 months!

    Good luck to you!
  4. Sue25

    Sue25 New Member

    You are right. 10 weeks is. Short time. My right foot is getting better and left is getting worse but I am going to wait a long time to get a fusion. The 1st surgeon recommended another surgery with a fusion ar 7 weeks postop. The second person I went to was a podiatrist. She said I might need a fusion but to see if the shot helps. Thanks.
  5. Sue25

    Sue25 New Member

  6. Sue25

    Sue25 New Member

    The second opinion was a surgeon. Her opinion was she would have completely removed the spur that lies above my great toe MTP joint but it is too late for this now. The joint has tighten up with scar tissue and has reduced space. She said if it doesn't get better with the shot I can get a fusion or joint replacement. It is still early. I can't bear any weight on my great toe so I walk on the side of my foot or heel which may cause me other problems. I am going to the orthotist to have a rocker and a metal bar added to a sneaker so that I can get out of the post op shoe. Thanks
  7. Sue25

    Sue25 New Member

    Now I am 14 weeks post cheilectomy preparing to have the same surgery again. I can’t weight bear on my great toe or walk up or down stairs normally. I was able to do these things before surgery. What I have learned is the most common cause of failure of a cheilectomy is incomplete removal of a spur which was my case. I have gone to the shoe maker and modified my sneakers and boots with a metal stay which helps. I am also having a hyaluronic acid injection at the time of surgery and 10 days later to increase my chance of success. I’m doing the hot cold compression therapy after surgery. The surgeon told me I am on a hope and prayer having the same surgery done 2x but she thinks it may work. If not fusion would be next or living with the disability. Has anyone done the hyaluronic acid injections?

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