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Feels like blisters on balls of feet and half dollar sized spots on bottoms of heels, but nothing is

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by 5282jt, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. 5282jt

    5282jt New Member

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    About a year ago I was diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma in my left foot. 3 months ago Hallux Rigidus in my right big toe and hallux limitus in my left big toe. Now, shortly after that doctor visit, the soles of both feet hurt all the time!
    It's more limiting for my life, than the other problems! I hate to walk at all. Shoes on, shoes off, tried sandals, tried gel soles, tried expensive sneakers etc-no change?
    They burn somewhat, feel like there are sores and or blisters on them, but nothing is there!
    They do not feel hot to the touch, nor does touching or applying pressure anywhere seem to change anything?
    What on Earth have I got now?
    I wonder if the "care" I received, caused this new problem? For the Morton's Neuroma, I was given insoles [bought] "Barefoot Science" with inserts to make the arch higher and higher. When I got the pain from the Hallux Rigidus a few months later or so, I was given [bought] teflon, flat plates=extremes?

    I am a 64 year old man [ or at least I used to be a man, I feel more like an old, old lady now! ]
    Help would sure be appreciated. The doctor had the same answer for the 1st 2 ailments-SURGERY. I was trying to just live with the Morton's Neuroma and Hallux Rigidus and hallux limitus. But this pain-both feet equally painful, including the bottoms of my toes!
    Is this plantar fascistis?
    The odd thing, if it is, is that it came to both feet gradually, but at the same time and I don't recall just having heel pain. It seems like my feet have felt like they are burned and blistered on the bottoms from the heel right up under my toes. In fact, most recently, the balls of my feet, up by the toes are the most painful?
    I actually keep looking in the mirror, thinking I will see blisters, but nothing?
    Please help, if you have any guesses.
  2. Steven

    Steven Guest


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