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Foot Health Practitioner Insurance - UK

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Tip Top Toes, Sep 20, 2021.


Where is best to get FHP insurance?

  1. Smae

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  1. Tip Top Toes

    Tip Top Toes New Member

    Hi, I have recently graduated as a level 4 foot health practitioner with the SMAE institute. I was hoping I could get some advice in regards to the insurance I need to get to start my business. I've never registered a business before. The SMAE institute want £350 for a years insurance and for the memberships associated, but I was thinking this was quite expensive compared to other sole traders insurance I've heard of in the past. There is also a 12 month notice period attached to the insurance clause which I think is pretty cheeky. Could anyone advise another companies I can approach for a more reasonable quote? Any advice would be greatly appreciated re this. Also is there any real benefit being in their memberships? Or am I better off signing up to The Register for Foot Health Practitioners (RFHP) instead? TIA

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