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foot pain

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, May 4, 2009.

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    I had bilat Plantar fasciitis faciitis about two years ago. With the use of night splints, stretches, NSAIDs and custom orthotics this problem was taken care of over a year ago. For several months now I have had progressive pain on my left Foot on the medial side just before the arch. The pain is worse when I walk, but also occurs when i move it just right, put pressure on the ball of my foot or even if one of the kids puts pressure on my lap when my feet are on the floor. Walking up or down stairs hurts as well. The pain can either be a dull ache along the side of my foot (not on the bottom) or a shooting pain that goes across the top of my foot (near my leg). I do seem to have some swelling there as well. I am overweight. I work 12 hour shifts at a hospital...and it is definately worse when the shifts are busy and I am on my feet more. It is better after I have rested with it elevated. I used to do the walk fit DVDs, but can't anymore because of the discomfort after only 5 minutes. I can't do any recreational walking anymore because of the pain. I use New Balance 844 shoes which don't seem to help anymore. The last time I tried to use my orthotics (the ones that were made when I had PF) to see if that would help...it only felt worse. Any ideas on what this could be? Should I try a different shoe? Should I try the orthotics again? Maybe I just need to get used to them again? If I do use the orthotics, do i still need such an expensive shoe?

    I would appreciate any thoughts/ideas on this. Thank you.
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