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foot pain

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by odals, May 5, 2009.

  1. odals

    odals New Member

    I had posted before but doctors have since changed a test result so I will post again.
    In 2007, I had a disease which forced me to stand/walk for 18-20 hrs a day for 4 months. After the third mo, my shins and feet became swollen and by the 4th mo i had chronic pain in the top of my feet (from mid foot to the shin) so that I could no longer walk. It took an additional 2 mo for the swelling to go away but the foot pain is still present if I try to walk. When I sit I have no pain. I've had physical therapy but it didn't help. I've had xrays, MRI, bone scan, arthritis blood test and nerve conduction study. The MRI shows a small amount of fluid in the feet. The doctor now says the bone scan shows minor diffuse uptake in the ankle. He said it is some type of mild irritation but he doesn't know what it is. Other test are negative.
    Anyone know of a similair situation and a solution? Could minor scar tissue cause these results?

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