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Forefoot PF? What other tendons in this area?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by pennygracie, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. pennygracie

    pennygracie New Member

    In the past I've been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. I agree that my pain is probably tendon related. But isn't PF pain usually more in the heel region? I feel like I might have tendinosis between or under the metatarsal heads. Would this most likely be part of the plantar fascia or some other tendons? I'm having a hard time interpreting anatomy diagrams to figure it out.

    My issue: Bottom of foot pain- worse in ball of foot, but also into arch and sometimes heel. Aching to sharp pain (not nerve pain). By the end of the day sometimes it feels like the skeleton of my foot is going to push through the sole. The docs say I have good fat pads. It is probably a tendon issue from long-term overuse from standing.

    Made worse by: Standing

    Foot type: high arch. Asymptomatic saddle bone deformity

    History: Ongoing for many years and progressively getting worse. I’ve been standing all day at work with achy feet in retail jobs for years. For the past few years the increasing pain has been interfering with daily activities. For instance, I dread & avoid standing to take a shower after work. First sought treatment a few years ago.

    Diagnostics: physical exam, x-ray, standing on a pad that measures foot pressure?

    Treatment history: 1st doctor- guessed that it is probably combination of arthritis and plantar fasciitis. He made me some orthotics with arch support to try to offload the metatarsals. The arch support caused sharp nerve pain in my arch by the end of the day, and didn’t resolve the preliminary issue. He didn’t want to troubleshoot the issue further and said that my having a high arch makes me prone to aching feet-basically “find another job & stop bothering me.”

    2nd doctor- mainly does surgery, so he referred me to someone else. But he took the time to examine me and said I have a plantar flexed first metatarsal causing sesamoiditis. He didn’t quite agree with the 1st doctor’s diagnosis or orthotic design. He told the referral doctor to make me some orthotics with a first ray cutout.

    Current doctor- Made said orthotics to relieve sesamoiditis. The orthoses have maybe helped slightly in that particular area of my feet, but the rest of the sole is still painful and achy.

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