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Had lisfranc surgery several years ago, having a lot of pain again, no new trauma

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by katej1428, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. katej1428

    katej1428 New Member

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    Have not experienced new trauma to injury but over the past few months pain and swelling are making it increasingly difficult to walk. Surgery was 7 yrs ago, original injury was undiagnosed for a year due to physio being inept.
    Screw was removed within 12 mths due to movement restrictions and a bad hematoma developed and got severely infected and removed by plastic surgeon.
    Now have swelling just below toes, and pain below swelling at surgical site. Can’t figure out why pain is so bad for no apparent reason?
  2. Cassidy

    Cassidy Member

    My injury was not as long ago as yours, but 2 years ago I sustained a lisfranc injury, I had ORIF surgery with planned Hardware removal, I had alot of pain and found out it failed so had fusion surgery. I guess what I'm truont to get at is that 1) call your surgeon or another foot and ankle Surgeon and see what they say. 2) it's possible that you have arthritis forming and it's causing pain and possibly might require fusion surgery. I hope you can get answers soon!

  3. katej1418

    katej1418 Guest

  4. katej1418

    katej1418 Guest

    Thanks Cassidy

    Off to GP today for surgeon referral.
    Was told at the time there might be permanent damage due to delay in treatment.
    I don’t know about you, but compared to my ankle recon (other foot) the post-op pain was unbearable!!
    Hoping your foot is doing better now
  5. Cassidy

    Cassidy Member

    I'm so glad you are getting a referral. Yes the pain was horrible, made C-Sections seem like a walk in the park, I had full foot reconstruction in October with a 3rd TMT joint Fusion (missed injury), that has unfortunately failed and have been told I have over elastic tendons, so now i have every Surgeon suggesting surgery, but none agree on the approach and what all should be done. I'm still seeking opinions. I would suggest that you get a couple opinions before deciding course of treatment.

  6. katej1428

    katej1428 New Member

    Wowzers makes the reconstruction on my other ankle look tame!
    Although I totally agree about the pain!! When I had the haematoma dug out of the lisfranc by a plastic surgeon- which was popping out of my incision and went to the bone - not even a shot of morphine helped.
    Unfortunately there’s a serious shortage of ortho surgeons where I am and my appt is 31 August.
    Sigh lol

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