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Hard lump UNDER my foot?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Sebastian, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Sebastian

    Sebastian New Member

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    Its 4 weeks since I fractured a bone under my foot (just below my second-smallest toe)
    It was swollen for a long time, but now the swelling has seemed to dissapear but there is still a hard lump where the bone was chipped.
    How long should I expect the swelling to stay? Could this still be swelling or does it seem like excess bone has been building?

  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Active Member

    If its associated with the fracture, it could be months before that settle. If you, get some imaging done to see exactly what it is.
  3. Sebastian

    Sebastian New Member

    Thank you very much for your answer.
    I had an x-ray and there was a little bone chipped off, and the nurse said that it would attach by itself.
    The swelling is always big in the morning, I can decrease it by massaging with a hard ball (although it hurts), but I don't know If I am actually doing anything good or it just 'pushes' it down..

    Its been 1 month now, but I find relief in that you say it could take a few months
  4. Thecureinmanipedi

    Thecureinmanipedi New Member

    Hello Sebastian, Just letting you know, don’t know if it will help you but I found a hard kind of roundish hard bump in the middle of the bottom of my left foot, went to my Podiatrst, he did imaging, it needed to come out cause one it hurt to walk and two he needed to make sure it wasn’t a cancerous tumor. He took it out, he said it didn’t look good by sight but had it biopsied. Thank goodness it wasn’t cancerous but you don’t want to mess around with stuff like that. I would think a bone would really hurt you when you put any pressure on your foot. I’m really glad you got an x ray, he had told me I should get an MRI of my foot cause an x ray will only show certain things, like a bone. When I would show my friends or just people that looked at it they just say things like, “ Oh it’s nothing” . I think things that just don’t seem normal must have a reason they occurred in the first place. I hope your foot starts to feel better very soon !!!

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