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Hard skin on big toe and extremely bad looking toe nail.

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by NickRazzleflamm, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. NickRazzleflamm

    NickRazzleflamm New Member

    Hello all, I'm Nick, a 22 year old student from Sri Lanka and i have a very bad looking set of toes. :/

    Things have been happening to my toes and toe nails for a long time and i have been trying to keep it secret the entire time. But it has been getting out of hand lately that i cannot avoid the fact that it is starting to gross out people a lot.

    Basically, the skin around my big toe (in both feet, the right one being the worst) gets hard enough that i can cut the hard parts off with a knife without even feeling anything. There appears to be two big cracks on the discolored toenail too. I also have to wash my feet once every two or three hours because if i didn't it starts to smell weird - partly due to the fact that i have really sweaty feet.

    I'm really sorry to gross you people out with my condition, but if you need to diagnose here is a picture of my toe, just so that you see, this isn't your topical corns or calluses. Please be kind enough to know that i do my best to keep my feet clean and away from people.


    I'm completely confident and proud of every part of my body except my toes. Please help me fix this.

    A million thanks in advance.

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