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Has anyone had a Hyprocrure Stent operation?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Clym, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. Clym

    Clym New Member

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    I have extremely pronated (flat) feet which have had an enormously negative effect on my life and have really inhibited my ability to walk.

    I've researched into the Hyprocrure Stent operation - are relatively new procedure where they insert titanium stents into the Sinus Tarsi in an attempt to correct the flat feet.

    has anybody had it done? And was is successful?

    I live in the UK and hoping I can persuade the NHS to consider the procedure
  2. Clym

    Clym New Member

    well I went to see a podiatric surgeon and he's only done the stent operation in children, and if I had them done he would have to do further operations to stabalise my feet at the front, so it's going to be a fairly major surgery

    I just don't know whether it's too risky to go down that route
  3. Clym

    Clym New Member

    I've had new orthotics insoles made but they hardly help. I wish I had different feet :(

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